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If we’re all being honest, the cycling helmet is the safety accessory when biking we all know we need but few of us actually want to wear it because most cycling accessory brands haven’t put much thought into the aesthetics of their helmets. There are some that dare to do things differently, however, and Thousand Cycling Helmets don’t just deliver all the safety requirements that you’d demand from this piece of equipment, they do so in some considerable, and unparalleled, style.

The aesthetics of safety equipment when cycling are often, and lamentably, ignored. Not so with Thousands who, quite frankly, have delivered not only the coolest looking bike helmets you’re likely to encounter anywhere on the market, they have also rigorously tested these helmets to make sure they’re up to scratch in the safety department too. The Thousand Cycling Helmets are the ideal solution for those riders who demand performance and expect visual superiority as well.

One in a….Thousand

Craftsmanship is the core selling point of these amazing looking Thousand Cycling Helmets and this Californian brand are keen to make clear that quality craftsmanship and an attention to design detail needn’t be a thing of the past when it comes to cycling helmets. This is an objective of theirs and, as you can see from their array of mesmerisingly cool helmets, it is a mission they have accomplished with no shortage of aplomb.

Anyone who is a regular cyclist will likely have spent many a frustrated hour online or in their local cycling store in search of a helmet that doesn’t look shoddy in the design department and actually has a bit of character to it. Well, with these impeccable conceived and crafted Thousand Cycling Helmets, you get all that and much more besides. The brainchild of Gloria Hwang, who was compelled to create this superb brand after the loss of a friend to a cycling accident and a desire to deliver helmets that any cyclist would be happy to wear, they have gone from strength to strength in the last few years and now have the coolest line up of cycling helmets anywhere on the market.

An eco-friendly brand, Thousand strive to deliver their products in a planet friendly way and any purchase of a Thousand Cycle Helmet that you make it will directly support enviromental restoration and educational projects through the brand’s partnership with the 1% For The Planet organisation – which is something that we can all get on board with. It is the visual element of the helmets from Thousand that truly sets them apart from the competition and, after all these years of waiting, a helmet that you’ll actually want to wear is finally within your grasp.

Delicious Design Features

The cycle helmets from Thousand aren’t your standard fare and are, in fact, overflowing with supremely cool design features which serve to set them apart from the competition even further, even though their unparalleled aesthetic appeal has already placed them in a league of their own. Just a few of the stand out design features of these decidedly dapper cycling helmets include a secret “pop-lock” which lets you pop the top and lock your helmet to your bike.

In addition to this, the Thousand Bicycle Helmets also boast eco-friendly straps and German engineered magnetic locks that let you lock your helmet into place one handed. Opting for a more understated venting solution, removed from the sci-fi style vents that most helmets have, these ones from Thousand will keep you cool with seven air vents and three internal cooling channels. These design features all combine to make the cycling helmets from Thousand a must have in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and it’s no surprise to us to see them positively flying off the shelves.

With plenty of different design styles to choose from with the Thousand Cycling Helmets, including the Epoch Collection and the Heritage Collection, you’re sure to find one that suits your own personal style preferences. Understated and dripping in old school cool, these helmets are right up our street aesthetically speaking here at Coolector HQ and whenever we climb aboard our own two-wheeled steed, you can rest assured, it will be a helmet from Thousand that will be resting upon our head.

Price: $85+

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