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I think its fair to say that we all buy books from time to time purely based on how awesome the cover of said book is and book covers are one area of design that is still going strong in the digital age and it is probably one of the principal reasons that hard copy books have managed to stave off the intrusion of Kindles and e-readers for so long.

Well, it transpires that we’re not the only ones with a love of book covers here at Collector HQ as the excellent Cover Reference website admirably illustrates. It is dedicated to bringing some of the best book cover designs to light and we love the eclectic nature of covers which have been curated by the site’s helmer, Jason Gabbert. It is refreshing to see that creativity still positively abounds in the world of book covers, particularly given that, in a world of Photoshop, movie posters have become ever more lazy and uninspiring.

If, like us, you’ve got a lot of time for good design, then you should spend a few minutes on Cover Reference and check out some of the finest examples of book cover creativity of the last year or so – definitely time well spent.

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