Walter Desk

Though we doubt it is named after Breaking Bad’s, Walter White, we here at Coolector HQ will be deciding that it is if we manage to get our hands on one of these awesome looking Walter Desks from New York based designer, Olga Guanabara, which, though it is made from reclaimed oak, we’d also like to think that it would help our headquarters smell of rich mahogany as well.

Brooklyn based Guanabara is a designer who principally works with reclaimed materials and the devilishly attractive Walter Desk is a prime example of this. We’re certainly after a new work desk to work from and we can think of few better for the job than this spiffingly designed, vintage looking number that is made from the aforementioned reclaimed oak, hexagonal steel and hot rolled steel which combine together to create the industrial looking but painfully cool desk you see before you.


A super cool desk that is a bit of a beast and we are definitely fans of the basic brutishness of the piece and, if we were to have £3,500 or so to spare and were capable of lugging it up three flights of stairs than this would without doubt be the place we’d choose to write The Coolector from.

Price: $4,800

Available: The Cools

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