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Craft beer is, almost always, pretty close to the forefront of our thinking here at Coolector HQ and we’re always amazed by just how many awesome new craft brewers that we come across on a daily basis. There is something that really makes craft beers stand out in our opinion (apart from the obvious deliciousness) and that is the branding and it’s for that reason that we were delighted to stumble across this excellent design project called the Craft Beer Branding Guide.

The Craft Beer Branding Guide is the handiwork of Neenah and CODO Design and aims to give those brewers looking to start their own craft beer brand a real leg up and an understanding of the design principles that will help them to stand out in the incredibly competitive industry that is craft brewing. As huge fans of craft ale here at Coolector HQ, this will definitely make for great night time reading for us and even if you don’t love craft beer as much as we do, the design principles likely ring true across multiple industries.

Beer Design Brilliance

CODO Design are certainly well positioned to produce this great looking Craft Beer Branding Guide as they’ve worked alongside breweries all across the United States (and increasingly in recent times, the world) on how best to brand, package and market their craft beer, particularly if they are new to the market. After a number of years operating in this arena, CODO Design decided to put their insights into a free online resource and, as a result, the Craft Beer Branding Guide was born.

First launched towards the tail end of 2016, the Craft Beer Branding Guide was such a hit amongst craft brewers that CODO were approached by Neenah to work on a print copy of the book and we’re glad that they did here at Coolector HQ as it really is the ideal coffee table book in our opinion. For anyone looking to get in the craft beer game but not sure where to begin from a branding and marketing perspective, this first rate guide will the perfect Sherpa to get you where you need to go.

There are some genuinely insightful chapters to be discovered in this brilliant Craft Beer Branding Guide that many who are new to the industry likely wouldn’t even have considered such as TTB Label Approval Process and how to ensure your brand values are spot on to acquire the sort of consumers that resonate with your craft beer creations.

What’s in a Name?

One of the biggest obstacles when creating a new brand – in any industry, not just craft brewing – is coming up with a name for your company and this is something that comes in for particularly scrutiny in the Craft Beer Branding Guide because, truth be told, it is the foundations upon which your success will be built.

As craft beer lovers, this tome immediately resonated with us at The Coolector and the fact that it has been made available free is a real credit to all the companies concerned with its creation. Engaging and helpful, the Craft Beer Branding Guide definitely gets two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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