CRBNtech Carbon Fibre Smart Wallets

If you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you’ll be firmly of the opinion that the wallet forms the cornerstone of your EDC line up and, as such, will put extra stock in ensuring that you get the right one for you. For those who crave a sleek, stealthy aesthetic, the amazing looking Carbon Fibre Smart Wallets from CRBNtech will be a tough one to beat and they are as robust and adventure ready as they come.

CRNBtech had a vision back in 2017 to reinvent the accessories industry and this is an endeavour they attacked with gusto. Flash forward to 2019, after thousands of hours of research and development, their vision finally came true and they founded CRBNtech on one core principle – namely, to create cutting-edge, minimalist carbon fibre accessories at an affordable price point. Mission well and truly accomplished from what we can see here at The Coolector.

Unbeatable EDC

There is something about carbon fibre as a material that really resonates with our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and few brands are using it better in their wallets and accessories than the guys at CRNBtech. Stealthy aesthetics are the order of the day with these cracking wallets and if thats the sort of aesthetic you demand from your EDC, you will be well and truly in your element here.

Sleek, sophisticated and available for a great price, it’s not hard to see why these Carbon Fibre Smart Wallets from CRNBtech are positively flying off their digital shelves. Available in three different iterations – namely, the Switch, the Brick and the OG – to suit your different carry requirements, you’re sure to find something that fits in effortlessly with your EDC line up here.

A stand out offering from CRNBtech is their Switch Wallet which is a slim, sleek and versatile smart wallet crafted from high quality materials. Born from the belief that conventional bi-fold wallets were getting worn-out over time, and were too bulky in the pocket to be comfortable for daily use. The mechanism behind the Switch Wallet works unlike anything else on the market today. Just flick the lever and watch as your cards deploy instantly. To tie everything together, CRNBtech have used an aluminium alloy mono-body to block RFID signals for protection against card theft.

Up Your Accessories Game

It’s not just carbon fibre wallets where CRNBtech excel – they’ve got loads of other ace accessories as well which includes phone cases, airpod cases, keychains, pens and more. So, if you want to get your carbon fibre fix all under one roof, this excellent American brand should definitely be one of your first ports of call.

We’re pretty serious about our wallets and EDC here at The Coolector and that’s why we love brands like CRNBtech. Their attention to detail in design, first class craftsmanship and affordability makes their wares a real triple threat and for any man looking to enhance the aesthetic of their EDC line up, they’re a real no-brainer. Head on over now and grab yourself a carbon fibre based bargain.

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