Limited100 Handcrafted Automotive Wall Art

It’s not unusual to hear some cars be described as works of art, so it stands to reason that they lend themselves perfectly to being made into wall art. You’ll seldom see this done more effectively than with the superb looking Handcrafted Automotive Wall Art from the guys at Limited100. Whether you are into contemporary hypercars, vintage race cars or classic supercars, Limited100’s carefully curated selection of 1/100 car prints are available in fine art paper, framed, canvas or aluminium composite with a signed certificate of authenticity.

At Limited100 it is their goal is to be recognised as the world’s number one destination for exclusive automotive wall art and, given the tangible sense of quality on offer, they’re well on the way. They provide car enthusiasts a chance to own limited runs on a variety of vintage supercar, classic race car and contemporary car photography in your ideal print format. Cars are an extension of a petrolhead’s personality and with these Limited100 prints, the avid petrolhead can get their hands on something collectible, and that will look superb in your home, office, garage or ‘man cave’ for years to come.

Old School Cool Vibes

Limited100 gives car enthusiasts the chance to own unique and bespoke limited run prints of some of the most desirable, luxurious and sought after machinery in the world. Like the best racing drivers, Limited100 don’t cut corners and all of their impeccable prints are carefully framed, and canvases stretched, by hand for an unparalleled sense of quality that will effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of any room in which they are hung.

The brand is built upon more than half a century of combined experience, and Limited100 use nothing but the best, most robust wall art materials with an emphasis on caring for the environment. Their ranges of wood and wood-style Polcor products are from companies that purchase their raw materials from sustainable sources and reforestation projects so you can feel good about owning this visually impactful handcrafted automotive wall art.

We’re loving the diverse selection of prints to choose from with Limited100 and whether its the Magnus Walker Outlaw 911 930 Porsche or Ford Escort Mk2 1980 artwork that catches your eye, you’ll be getting a piece of artwork which jumps off the wall and will turn heads for all that see it. After the perfect gift for a classic car enthusiast? We can think of few better candidates for the job than these top quality prints from Limited100 here at Coolector HQ.

Brilliantly Bold Artwork

Some of the vehicles witnessed in these sensational Limited100 Automotive Wall Art are amongst the most iconic and sought after in existence and they will add a real touch of class to proceedings in the home or office. Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, to name but a few, are all represented in these breathtaking images and regardless of the sort of classic cars you gravitate towards, Limited100 will have something that more than fits the bill.

UK brand, Limited100, are a breath of fresh air for those looking for high calibre, automotive artwork and their fantastic prints have prices which start from £119 (unframed) and you’ll witness the immeasurable impact they have on enhancing the interior design aesthetic of any room the minute you hang it. Striking visually and made from the finest materials, these prints have turned our heads here at The Coolector and will definitely make an unbeatable gift for any car enthusiast.

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