Creatio Urban Backpack

Commuting and urban adventuring need a certain type of carry to make sure you’ve got all the angles covered from a storage requirement point of view and, truth be told, we’ve not seen many better candidates to be your next daily carry than this excellent looking Creatio Urban Backpack which is funding over on Kickstarter now. Boasting a modular style down which significantly ramps up the functionality of this accessory, the Creatio Urban Backpack is billed as a less-is-more pair of modular bags that keep you light everyday by ensuring you just carry the essentials.

The Creatio Urban Backpack on Kickstarter has certainly caught our eye here at The Coolector and with prices that start at $95 which is a small price to pay for such a well thought out carry which will meet and exceed your day to day storage requirements. This fantastic accessory from Creatio is essentially one bag with two different ways of carrying it which makes it much more versatile than your average accessory.

Versatile Design

With a detachable backpack design, the backpack mode and one-shoulder sling mode can be easily switched depending on different requirements whether this be commuting to work or heading to the gym. You can alter the use by changing the backload to the sling shoulder strap. There are plenty of different accessories which come together to make this Urban Backpack from Creatio so functional and no matter what you carry on a daily basis – from tech to adventure gear – you’ll have a style of carry that fits the bill here.

One of the stand out pieces from this Creatio Urban Backpack collection of carries on Kickstarter is the Belt / Leg Pack which can be attached to waist individually, or to bags by Molle or quick buckle. In addition, there is also a leg strap is under development so that it can be used as a leg bag that is likely to be an unlockable goal during the Kickstarter campaign. The different packs within the line up from Creatio have all been designed with comfort, balance and cooling in mind and this is pivotal in ensuring the first class performance day after day.

The backpack has a customised zipper puller and mesh pocket that is perfect for storing all your EDC essentials such as keys, phone and wallet whilst on the go. For the tech inclined, you’ll be pleased to hear that each backpack comes with a laptop sleeve suitable for up to 15″ device. The expandable nature of the backpack means that you’ll be able to fit a surprising amount of goods within and whether you’re after something for a weekend break or your daily commute, this would be a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ.

Everyday Essential

We’re always on the hunt for versatile accessories here at The Coolector and Kickstarter is a veritable hotbed of options so far as this is concerned and the Creatio Urban Backpack is a fine example of the sort of quality and functionality that can be unearthed on the crowdfunding platform. Great materials and first class materials combine to make the sub $100 price tag all the more remarkable and we’re sure that it will take Kickstarter by storm.

For all your daily carry requirements you need to make sure you’ve got a bag that meets all your requirements and that’s something that you’ll get with the Creatio Urban Backpack. Designed with function in mind and with the sort of features that you’ll be glad to have with your day to day urban carry, this excellent accessory from Creatio has certainly left us impressed here at The Coolector.

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