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If, like us here at The Coolector, you’re pretty particular about the fashion brands that find a spot in your wardrobe and want nothing but the best, we’ve just come across a brand that you’re going to want to sit up and take notice of in the shape of Criquet Shirts. Operating out of Austin, Texas, Criquet Shirts boast one of the finest selection of polos and shirts out there right now and if you’re looking to ramp up your selection this summer, look no further.

Criquet Shirts are always in pursuit of the perfect shirt and they’ve come as close as any in delivering it. Inspired by memories of their very first collared shirts from early days in prep school, and by well-worn hand-me-downs from dads, uncles and others, Criquet have spared no effort to find the perfect polo. There is one collection in particular that has caught our eye from Criquet and that is their fantastic Players Shirt range which has been called the “Perfect Polo” in the past and it certainly isn’t difficult to see why – especially when you consider prices start at just $79.

Find Your Fit

There are a few different styles of Players Shirts from Criquet to choose from with different fits and fabrics. Their Classic Players Shirts are made from 100% cotton and their Performance Players and Stretch Players Shirts are made from a Pima cotton / poly blend for a touch more flexibility in their performance The beauty of the Players Shirts from Criquet is the fact that they look just as amazing off the fairways as they do on them and they are some of the most comfortable and stylish polos we’ve had the pleasure of encountering here at Coolector HQ.

In a world of Southern Prep and East Coast Classic, Criquet has an laid back, fun-loving Austin spirit all its own and this shines through in their brilliant Players Shirts range of polos. They have looked at classic style with a fresh set of eyes and delivered truly excellent apparel that has set them apart in what is a highly competitive market. Their inspiration often comes from iconic shirts they recollect from the past as well as the occasional vintage store treasure and if that’s the sort of vibe your want in your wardrobe, the Players Shirt from Criquet is the one for you.

There is an old-school style to the Criquet Players Shirt and it has a 4-button placket and open sleeves which have taken inspiration from the design classics of yesteryear and the level of comfort the 100% organic cotton provides is second to none. They have removable collar stays which are designed to help prevent the dreaded “bacon collar” and ensure you’re always looking your best when you pull on one of these Players Shirts. Whether you’re after slim-fit or regular fitting polos, there is no shortage of options and colours to pick from with Criquet.

Fairways or Taproom

The beauty of Criquet Shirts lies in their stylistic versatility insomuch as they really are just as good for a round of golf as they are enjoying a few beers with friends at the local taproom. There aren’t many other brands out there who have a collection of polos quite as extensive as Criquet and the fact their awesome wares are endorsed by one of our favourite actors here at Coolector HQ, Luke Wilson, is the real icing on the cake.

With striped and plain varieties of the Players Shirt to choose from and prices starting as low as $79, it really isn’t difficult to see why Criquet are a go-to brand for so many men out there. If you find yourself in the market for some of the most versatile polo shirts on the market this summer, the digital shelves of Austin based Criquet Shirts should definitely be your first port of call (they do have a bricks and mortar store in Austin as well if you find yourself there). Great style, impeccable comfort and more choice than you can shake a stick at – the Players Shirt from Criquet is a real triple threat and gets two thumbs up from us here at The Coolector.

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