Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door

Some drivers want to make a statement with their choice of vehicle and if the statement you want to make is “get out of my way”, this awesome looking Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door is probably the right choice for you. Available to purchase from Bring A Trailer, this vintage style steed has certainly captured our attention here at Coolector HQ and if you’re looking for a mode of transportation a little out of the ordinary, look no further.

The Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door from Bring A Trailer has a current bid of $100,000 on it and only a few days remaining before the bidding ends so you’ll need to move quickly and have deep pockets if you want to make this stunning machine the cornerstone of your vintage car collection. This breathtaking behemoth was built by Legacy Classic Trucks in 2014 and purchased by the selling dealer later that year. It is powered by a 360ci Magnum V8 paired with a five-speed manual transmission and an NP24 transfer case.

Military Vibes

Needless to say, there is a bit if a military vibe to the Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door given the choice of colour way for the vehicle and this adds to its appeal still further in our opinion here at The Coolector. It is finished off in the muted matte green exterior with a effortlessly cool, brown leather interior. This first class truck comes equipped with Fast electronic fuel injection, an aluminium radiator, a Braden MU-2 winch, front and rear ARB air lockers, four-wheel disc brakes, and air conditioning so it’s a vintage shell with a highly contemporary performance.

The Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door on Bring A Trailer is one of the coolest looking machines imaginable that heralds from the 1940s and the four-door exterior looks so cool with its matte green paint scheme with black fenders and running boards in tribute to the Indian Chief Bomber Limited Edition motorcycle. You’ll find that wooden planks are present in the pickup bed, and a transmission-driven Braden MU-2 winch is equipped out front to give this truck a really authentic look and feel.

Black Stockton wheels and Super Swamper tires come together to ensure this truck will tackle more or less any terrain that you throw in its direction. Warn locking hubs are equipped up front, and ARB air lockers have been installed front and rear. Four-wheel disc brakes provide unparalleled stopping power, and the stock axles have been retained from the original machine. There is a real authentic look to this truck that really appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and though it’s well outside our budget at over $100k, it’s going to make some car enthusiast mighty happy.

Excellent Interior

Things just get better when you head inside this Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door. It has replacement front seats which have been luxuriously kitted out in brown leather with white stitching, while rear seating consists of the factory front bench recovered in matching leather. Some of the stand out features and equipment of this restoration build includes power steering, power windows, and a Vintage Air air conditioning system for the ultimate in comfortable rides.

The current $100k bid is likely to face some stiff competition over the next few days as this auction comes to a close and if you want to be the lucky owner of this spectacular Legacy Classic 1949 Dodge Power Wagon 4-Door on Bring A Trailer, you’ll need to move mighty fast. This vintage machine is well over half a century old but it looks and performs as good as new and someone will be getting an iconic piece of motoring when they take ownership of this beauty.

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