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It’s fair to say that IKEA has somewhat of a monopoly on low cost, functional furniture and it is a stranglehold that is likely to be difficult to break but there are those out there aiming to provide even more affordable and versatile furniture that is perfect for quick and easy interior design endeavours such as this great Kickstarter project that goes by the name of CrissCross Furniture.

Billed as being reusable modular furniture for nomads because it is so quick and easy to build and take apart and, better still, doesn’t require any tools to put it together. For those of us who have pitted wits against a piece of IKEA furniture in the past (i.e. everyone) the lack of tools element is likely to be mighty appealing and if you’re the sort that moves around a lot and need furniture that is easy to take with you, this is the ideal solution.

One of the biggest annoyances with most flat-packed furniture is just how tricky most of it can be to put together but CrissCross Furniture aims to put paid to this with innovative designs and extremely simple to follow instructions. If you’re after the sort of furniture that you can put up quickly and easily such as for a dorm room, pop up store etc then this is the perfect choice. Check out a few more shots below:









We’re all for innovative design projects here at Coolector HQ and this one from UK based CrissCross Furniture is right up our street. Designed with the intention of making the whole furniture construction process that much easier and offering plenty of versatility with the modular based design, we’re sure there will be plenty of interior design enthusiasts out there that will be equally as enamoured.

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