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Choice is something that will never be lacking when it comes to watches and that’s something that we really appreciate here at Coolector HQ. Of course, we’re all going to have a budget in mind when purchasing a watch and for those who love their timepieces with an automotive edge and at the more affordable end of the spectrum, you’re not likely to go too far with MHD Watches.

The brainchild of automotive designer, Matthew Humphries who, after leaving¬†Morgan Motor Company as Chief Designer, embarked on a career as a watchmaker and we’re mighty glad that he did because the timepieces that he’s creating a most impressive indeed. Heavily influenced by the world of motor racing, these automotive timepieces come in a number of different styles to suit your own watch tastes and with a price tag that comes in under $300, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Boasting top notch materials in their construction, these limited edition timepieces from MHD are going to appeal to most watch lovers because of the highly different designs that are already on offer despite only coming to market this year. You can check out some of our favourites below:














For those men in the market for a new, affordable, timepiece over the next few months, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill within the cracking selection from MHD Watches. Automotive in design and containing some pretty impressive materials and features given their low price tag, we’re sure that these limited edition timepieces will positively fly off the shelves.

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