Crosley x Fossil Watches

It’s impossible not to have noticed the ever growing popularity over the last few years and one of the brands that acted as the catalyst for this is undoubtedly that of Crosley, with their affordable and stylish selection of record players making vinyl accessible for a younger generation. When we saw that they had joined forces with Fossil on a timepiece collaboration, we immediately say up and took notice here at Coolector HQ and the end result is a cool as you might expect.

The Crosley x Fossil Watches come in a couple of different, limited edition, offerings and for those with a love of all things vinyl and vintage Americana style, you’re sure to want one of these great looking timepieces on your wrist. They are pleasingly affordable and can be acquired for under £150 which, for such an unusual and eye-catching watch, represents somewhat of a bargain and we’ll definitely be looking to get one for ourselves here at The Coolector.

Old School Cool

There is a distinctly vintage vibe to the Crosley x Fossil Watches that immediately adds to their appeal and each of the limited edition timepieces has a 1950s-style package in black, cool grey, and rose gold printing. An extra touch of cool comes from the fact that the packaging coordinates perfectly with the special edition record player that is being released alongside the two watches. They take their design inspiration from Crosley’s iconic turntables and the dials are grooved like a record, and the hour and minute hands are topped by a neat seconds indicator that is a circular disc designed to resemble the centrally located label of a vinyl record.

Available for under £150, these limited edition Crosley x Fossil Watches are likely to fly off the shelves and into the collections of vinyl lovers the world over so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, it’s a good idea to move quickly if you want to make sure you get your hands on one. The quality of the design is second to none and the immediately recognisable image of a vinyl record on your wrist is something which is sure to appeal.

You can take your pick between two case sizes with these limited edition watches – namely, a 42mm and 36mm version – and you can choose the one that best suits your own wrist size. The flanks of the case are decorated with the same leather-effect cladding you’ll find on the exterior of the record player itself and there is an option of either a black or rose gold coloured bezel with the crown matching the colour of this component.

One for the Music Fan

It goes without saying that these Crosley x Fossil Watches are not going to be for every horology aficionado but they represent a great value timepiece for those after something that bit different for their wrist in 2019. The popularity of vinyl has never been greater and Crosley have played a large role in this fact and these limited edition timepieces made in collaboration with Fossil are a celebration of this fact.

Priced at a mighty reasonable £159, these eye-catching timepieces from Crosley and Fossil are right up our street here at The Coolector and we’re in little doubt that they will prove a mighty popular purchase with those who have a soft spot for vinyl records and a love of music in general.

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