CUBE Light

When heading out into the wild, a lack of natural light is the one thing that you need to prepare for but when you’re in the confines of your tent or around the fire, holding a torch the whole time isn’t all that practical and that’s why we’re very much liking the look of this awesome looking CUBE Light which will provide more light than you can shake a stick at during those camping adventures.

Measuring just 2′ by 2′, the CUBE Light definitely won’t be taking up much of your valuable storage space when camping and it is both devilishly simple and wonderfully designed to become exactly the sort of accessory that all campers will inevitably want to get their hands on. It works by radiating ultra bright white light which will shed an impressive coverage across your tent or wherever you choose to unleash it and the CUBE Light is available in a variety of different colours to suit your mood or requirements. Check out some more shots below of the CUBE Light in action:






We don’t go camping a great deal here at Coolector HQ but that is something that we’re hoping to remedy this summer so we’re beginning to look for awesome accessories to bring along with us and the ace looking CUBE Light unquestionably fits the bill.

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