There are few things worse than warm beer and that’s something that is even more the case when quaffing your favourite craft ales in spring and summer but sometimes you just don’t have time to refrigerate your ales for long enough because the urge to drink them is too strong. Well, worry not, because this brilliant looking CupCooler is funding on Kickstarter right now and it can chill any beverage in just 60 seconds.

The CupCooler on Kickstarter is billed as a smart device which is capable of cooling down and keeping your drinks cold till the very last sip and if you plan on having some backyard BBQs over the coming months and worry about the scourge of warm beer, then having one of these ace little accessories is a must. The capacity to cool drinks in a matter of seconds is something that is going to appeal particularly when you don’t have time to chill them in the fridge.

Clever Tech

Needing no preparation at all, the CupCooler is six times quicker than the fridge when it comes to cooling your drink to that pleasing temperature. All you need do is plug it into your wall socket and wait 60 seconds for the surface plate to cool down to -18℃ (-0.4℉), and this will make your drink (300 mmL/ 10.14 fl oz) cool down from 25℃ (77 ºF) to 15℃ (59ºF) or to 10℃ (50ºF) in 30 minutes.

With the CupCooler you can make ice cubes a thing of the past because it will keep your drink cool to the last sip and as ice cubes will ultimately dilute the flavour of your drink, having the CupCooler on hand is ideal for those who want chilled drinks without the bother and taste intrusion of ice cubes. It’s extremely straightforward to use and compatible with most soft drink cans and beer bottles on the market. Just plug it in, put your beverage on the device, and it turns it into a satisfying ice cold drink.

If you’re one of those slow drinkers out there who take a long time to finish their drink (not a problem we have so far as craft beer is concerned), then the CupCooler might just be the thing for you. It will help ensure that your beverage doesn’t return to room temperature which often results in a less pleasing taste and many people will often not finish their drink as a result. The CupCooler will help prevent wastage by making sure your drink stays at the ideal temperature from start to finish.

Great Value

Costing around £50 during the Kickstarter campaign, the CupCooler doesn’t cost the earth but will be the sort of device that you’ll be using on a daily basis – especially in spring and summer when there are few pleasures better than a ice cold beer. As big beer drinkers here at Coolector HQ, this superb device is certainly something that appeals to our sensibilities and having one in our workspace will be a must over the coming months.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want ice cold drinks of your own throughout summer, there is still plenty of time to support the CupCooler on Kickstarter and you can pick one up for a bargain price throughout the campaign. A clever little bit of kit that will be your new best friend during the hot summer months.

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