A workspace is integral to the productivity of most people so it is one piece of furniture which you should certainly be putting a lot of thought into if you want to get your creative juices flowing and remain as productive as possible. In our experience here at The Coolector, it is a neat, ordered and cleverly designed desk that will be the most beneficial to the productivity stakes and we’ve seen a great looking example of this in the shape of the D-Desk by Mexican furniture and product designer, Alejandro Matínez Castañeda.

The D-Desk by Alejandro Matínez Castañeda is definitely the sort of workspace that we can see ourselves typing away at here at Coolector HQ and it boasts a sleek, understated aesthetic that is highly conducive to a productive work environment. Elegantly designed and wonderfully functional, this top class piece of furniture design from Castañeda might not be commercially available but we’d definitely be first in line if it does hit the shop shelves.

Wonderful Workspace

We like a desk that doesn’t need to be too flashy to capture your attention here at The Coolector and that’s something that this great looking D-Desk accomplishes with aplomb. With a vague similarity to the school desks that we all know and love with an internal space sitting beneath a liftable lid on the desk, this first class piece of design is sure to evoke memories of your school days and that’s something which adds to its vintage appeal.

The brilliantly designed and crafted D-Desk by Alejandro Matínez Castañeda is a great showcase of the Mexican designer’s talents in the field of furniture and product design and we’re sure we’re not alone in hoping these superb looking pieces eventually becoming available to purchase. A combination of woods are used in the crafting of the D-Desk and this gives it an immediate visual impact and tangible sense of quality to the touch.

Desks are something which are highly subjective in terms of style preferences, material choices, dimensions and so forth but the D-Desk is a pretty all-encompassing offering that should placate most in terms of what it offers from both a visual and performance perspective. Striking aesthetically and with plenty of storage options for all your desk essentials, we’re certainly fans of this excellent piece of designer furniture at The Coolector.

Quality Craftsmanship 

You can see that there is a real attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that has gone into the design and manufacture of the D-Desk. This top notch piece of furniture is a fine example of a minimalistic workspace that does away with any unnecessary bells and whistles and focusing on providing a functional and versatile space in which your can be creative and productive as possible.

The D-Desk from Alejandro Matínez Castañeda is one of quite a few pieces of striking designer furniture he has been responsible for but undoubtedly the one that stood out to us at The Coolector immediately. This first class workspace will win style points aplenty whilst giving you a storage filled and versatile place to get to work each day.

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