Daily Bugle Spiderman LEGO Set

Whilst we’re not exactly sitting here building LEGO in our downtime here at The Coolector, we love it when the Danish brand release pieces relating to pop culture and the latest to have caught our eye is the ace-looking Daily Bugle Spiderman LEGO Set. This intricate offering is priced at $299 which certainly elevates it out of the children’s toy category and firmly into the collectors and Spiderman aficionado camp.

The Daily Bugle Spiderman LEGO Set ($299) is described as being 18+ which is due to the build difficulty and intricate nature of the design as opposed to any graphic language or what have you. Consisting of nearly 4000 pieces, this isn’t going to built in an hour or two and needs some serious dedication to complete which is why it’s more suited to the adult LEGO community.

Swinging into Action

Spiderman is one of our favourite Marvel characters here at The Coolector and the Daily Bugle is one of the central features of the franchise – a fact which is celebrated with this extraordinary looking LEGO set. This web-slinging set comes with detachable façades that feature sizzling comic-book action and you can easily mix and match characters for epic action sequences.

The Daily Bugle Spiderman LEGO Set ($299) lets you create your own storylines so you can watch Daredevil and Sandman fight over Aunt May’s waffles for example. With this expansive LEGO set you can easily recreate the offices of Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson and for fans of the franchise, that will be a mighty attractive proposition indeed.

Given the near $300 price tag and nigh-on 4000 pieces, this Daily Bugle LEGO Set is for the serious collector and builder and will need an eye for detail and a love for all things Spiderman to complete. If that sounds like you, it will be hitting LEGO’s digital shelves soon and, most likely, will sell out quickly so you’ll need Spiderman-like reflexes to snag one for yourself.

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