Hollywood Hills Residence

Needless to say, the Hollywood Hills is one of the most expensive places in the world for real estate and you won’t be surprised to hear that the luxurious nature of the homes there truly sets them apart from the crowd. This is especially true of extraordinary pieces of architecture like Hollywood Hills Residence from Muutus Studio which has unquestionably turned our heads here at Coolector HQ.

Spectacular both inside and out, Hollywood Hills Residence from Muutus Studio is a bespoke home which can be found nestled and perched atop a hill in the Oaks in Hollywood hills. This thoroughly luxurious residential property was born out of desire for highly considered design aesthetic within what is a fairly modest footprint.

Fit For The Silver Screen

Built for clients who desired a smaller footprint for their family residence, Hollywood Hill Residence certainly doesn’t feel small. Positioned on a 45 per cent slope, the plot of land certainly presented a challenge for the design team. The design takes inspiration from the clients’ Irish travels and many visits to great castles, one enters Hollywood Hills Residence from the top of the site across a wood and steel bridge spanning a secret garden through a monumental Bronze door.

Always covered, the secret garden of Hollywood Hills Residence from Muutus Studio connects shafts of light into the guest bathroom through a skylight, which helps deliver that feeling of a protective fortress. The kitchen area is crafted from blackened steel and walnut veneered cabinets with brass accents. The dining area consists of caramel leather chairs and Finn Juhl dining table and features a circular, dark central hearth acting as a subtle separative element between the kitchen and living area.

The living area in Hollywood Hills Residence is chock full with eclectic artefacts such African masks, a willy Daro bronze table, and cast from a childhood bone break displayed like a relic. It is a perfect meeting of two worlds, old and new with industrial chic and old-world aesthetics throughout. A thoroughly impressive accomplishment that looks to the tradition of a medieval Irish castle and incorporates it into a much more modern Californian lifestyle. 

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