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Though candles aren’t really something that we’re overly concerned with here at Coolector HQ, our love of craft ales knows no bounds and that’s why these brilliant looking Damn Handsome Grooming Co Candles have made us rethink our stance on candles and we now find ourselves wanting to fill our headquarters with as many as possible courtesy of the delicious sounding fragrances on offer.

Damn Handsome Grooming Co are no strangers to the pages of The Coolector as we’re regular proponents of their craft beer infused wares but one of their latest offerings, these first rate candles, are impressive enough to make us want more candles than you can shake a stick at and come in a couple of awesome sounding fragrances – namely, Hoppy Apple Cider and Barrel Aged Oak – and if you’re after a more manly smell than the norm, these are the ones for you.

Something Smells Good

As regular imbibers of craft beers, ales and ciders and frequenters of old man pubs, these amazing Damn Handsome Grooming Co Candles likely appeal to us more than most here at Coolector HQ but there is no denying the wonderful aroma of apples and cider and oak aged spirits and that’s why we’re sure that there will be plenty of other men out there willing to put their candle prejudices behind them and dot these ace looking ones around the home.

The Hoppy Apple Cider Candle captures the crisp and spicy notes of the maker’s favourite apple orchard memories and does a great job of balancing them expertly which delivers a green, spicy scent. The Barrel Aged Oak Candle from Damn Handsome Grooming Co boasts the masculine and sweet notes of an old bourbon barrel and for anyone familiar with a distillery, will know that this results in a mild, rich scent that will add a touch of Don Draper-esque cool to your home.

We’re big fans of Damn Handsome Grooming Co here at The Coolector and a lot of that love stems from their awesome branding and this is once again in evidence with these first rate candles. If you’re a lover of typography and illustration, the branding on these candles will certainly appeal to you and it is only equalled by the deliciousness of the aromas that they spring forth when lit.

Quality Wares

Something that really sets Damn Handsome Grooming Co apart is their dedication to only crafting quality, well made goods and this shines through in the ingredients that they use in their fantastic candles. Made from 100% Soy – a natural, carbon neutral resource – which means they burn clean and long, these superb candles will fill a small to medium-size room with a mild, inviting aroma without being overbearing as some candles often are.

For any man looking to add some more manly, beer and spirit themed aromas to their home, these top notch candles from Damn Handsome Grooming Co would definitely be our pick here at Coolector HQ. Expertly branded to add a visual impact alongside the glorious aromas, these excellent candles will make the ideal gift for any ale or spirit lover in your family.

Price: $18

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