Salt Point Moscow Mules

We’re not going to lie, it takes a lot for anything to turn our attention away from craft beer in the libation department but we will, every once in a while, deign to try different tipples and it is invariably through awesome branding that we are coaxed away and that’s why we’ve added these ace looking Moscow Mules from Salt Point to our must-try drinks list.

Whilst cocktails aren’t something that we’re regular partakers in here at Coolector HQ, given our craft beer proclivities, there is something that we can’t help but be swayed by with the eye-catching cans of these Salt Point Moscow Mules and though it’s not a cocktail that we’re overly familiar with, they do a good job of selling it to us and making us want to try it.

Californian Cool

Salt Point operate out of California and this is something that shines through in the choice of beverage that they’ve made. The Salt Point Moscow Mules are inspired by life on the Pacific Coast and deliver a delicious concoction of spicy ginger, lime and American vodka to create a Moscow Mule quite unlike anything else out there on the market. It is the brilliant illustrative branding that first drew our attention to Salt Point but, truth be told, the drink itself does sound delicious and it might just be worming itself into our craft beer rotation at this point.

Cocktails are immeasurably refreshing on hot days and, as we head into summer, finding some new tipples to tantalise the tastebuds is a must and for those of you with a love of spirits and first rate branding, these Salt Point Moscow Mules must surely rank highly on the list. With a mouth watering list of ingredients and some aesthetically superior cans, we’re pretty sure these will be flying off the shelves over the next few months as eager boozehounds look for a refreshing drink.

Though currently only offering Moscow Mules, Salt Point are a relative newcomer to the beverage market so we’ve got high hopes here at Coolector HQ that they will begin to add to their choice of cocktails with other mouth watering offerings. We’ve got our fingers cross for some gin or rum based beverages here at The Coolector and, given the piratey feel of their mascot, rum seems like an obvious choice.

Vicious Vodka

It is fair to say that vodka isn’t a spirit we get along with too well here at Coolector HQ but when it is combined with the other delicious ingredients in these Moscow Mules from Salt Point, it is an adversary we’re prepared to overcome. With the intention of branching out into some non craft beer beverages over the next few months, these Moscow Mules are first in the queue and we’re definitely hoping to get our hands on a six pack or two.

For those of you that have a love for Moscow Mules and want to try a new and delicious sounding variety, Salt Point are a brand that should be on your radar and whilst most people probably wouldn’t be swayed to try a drink based on the awesomeness of the cans alone, we are here at The Coolector and we can’t wait to try some of this great looking Californian concoction.

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