Damn Handsome Grooming Co Craft Beer Nuts

As a bunch of craft beer aficionados here at Coolector HQ, it’s definitely the case that we will actively seek out anything that will ramp up the enjoyment of the vast array of delicious looking ales on the market and that’s why we’ve had our heads thoroughly turned by these rather excellent looking Craft Beer Nuts from the chaps at Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

Obviously best known for their selection of men’s grooming products, it makes sense for the brand to venture into the beer snack market given that their products are positively synonymous (and made with) craft beer and for those that are looking for the ultimate accompaniment to a mouth watering amber nectar, these Damn Handsome Grooming Co Craft Beer Nuts get our vote.

Beer Buddy

Beer is always better when coupled with moorish snacks and when you’ll sailing close to being three sheets to the wind, they don’t get much better than an assortment of nuts. With the Craft Beer Nuts from Damn Handsome Grooming Co, which have been made in conjunction with perennial purveyors of nuts, Lush Gourmet Foods, you’ll be getting an intoxicating mix of different nuts that any beer enthusiast will likely polish off within a matter of minutes.

Within a pack of Damn Handsome Grooming Co Craft Beer Nuts you’ll discover crowd pleasers like salty cashew nuts, delicious black pepper peanuts and a bunch of sesame sticks to give you something to get your teeth stuck into. For any man with a love of beer and legumes, this excellently branded and expertly curated selection of nuts will tick all the right boxes.

Damn Handsome Grooming Co are regularly found on the pages of The Coolector and this is due to our love of their beer orientated manufacturing ethos and the unparalleled calibre of the branding on all of their first class products – and these Craft Beer Nuts are certainly no exception.

Gone Nuts

It would certainly appear that it’s not just us here at Coolector HQ with affinity for beer snacks because the Craft Beer Nuts from Damn Handsome Grooming Co are currently sold out but we’ve all got our fingers crossed they’ll be putting in another order with the guys at Lush Gourmet Foods because no beer is complete without a tasty snack to pair it with.

It’s always the branding that draws us in to the products from Damn Handsome Grooming Co but it is the quality that keeps people coming back and whilst we’ve haven’t yet had the pleasure of sampling these awesome looking Craft Beer Nuts, we’re hoping they will be filling the shelves again soon so we can do just that.

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