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When our attention turns to adding a new carry to our collection of bags here at Coolector HQ, it’s fair to say there are certain brands that immediately spring to mind but it’s always heartening to discover new, up and coming purveyors of accessories and that’s the situation we currently find ourselves in having discovered the rather excellent looking Tahquitz Bag from Be Outfitters.

Be Outfitters was born from the idea of embracing spontaneity and the fact that we all require versatile gear in our lives that is capable of dealing with the unpredictable things in life. The Tahquitz Bag from Be Outfitters is an end result of this mindset and for those men out there seeking a versatile, robust and functional carry for any adventures in 2017, it’s safe to say this exceptional looking accessory won’t let you down.

Functionality at the Forefront

Made with those with an active lifestyle in mind, particularly those of a mountaineering mindset, the Tahquitz Bag from Be Outfitters takes its name from the birthplace of modern day climbing and is crafted with the spirit of adventure and discovery in mind. Functionality needs to be the core component of any carry of this nature and this is an area in which the Tahquitz Bag delivers exceptionally well. It is a supremely functional and modern in design and Be Outfitters have managed to craft a versatile pack that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

So, whether you’re heading out into the nearest crag, traversing the world, or heading out for an early morning surf session, the Tahquitz Bag has got your back from both a style and functionality point of view. Made from a uniquely blended 400D Cordura Nylon yarn with waterproof YKK Zippers, this bag is built to last and will stand up admirably well to whatever weather and climbing conditions that you subject it to.

There are a lot of clever features to be discovered with the Tahquitz Bag which add to its versatility and functionality and just a few of the stand out ones include a hidden deployable stretch pocket for holding a wide range of water-bottle shapes and sizes, multiple roll top closing configurations for additional or more condensed volume and an internal sleeve raised off the ground to protect electronics (fits 15” laptop) and this impressive feature also doubles as a hydration reservoir pocket with optional tube port on both shoulders.

Mountainous Style

Whether you plan to use the Tahquitz Bag whilst heading out into the mountains or for something more mundane like your daily commute or trips, it will perform wonderfully well regardless. Fantastic craftsmanship coupled with a genuinely intelligent design make this the ideal accessory for the adventurist and the fact it offers an excellent amount of versatility from a usage perspective is just the icing on the cake.

A real attention to detail and the use of the best quality materials make the Tahquitz Bag from Be Outfitters a real standout candidate to be your next backpack and for those of you that value excellent craftsmanship and design, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for with this impeccable carry.

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