Dango CA02 Carry All Lite

If you’ve just got a few pieces of core EDC in your lineup and you’ve been searching for the perfect means for porting them about, you can call off the search now that you’ve found this CA02 Carry All Lite from the guys over at Dango. This small but perfectly formed accessory will effortlessly enhance and streamline your carry game and, best of all, you can get your hands on one for the princely sum of $39. Ideal for all those small EDC items that you have, we’ll definitely be looking to add the CA02 to our lineup here at Coolector HQ.

The Dango CA02 Carry All Lite ($39) has been handcrafted in the USA and boasts a tangible sense of quality to the touch along with sleek aesthetics that don’t draw the eye and fit in perfectly with your outfit choices. Whether you are traveling and need to organise your everyday carry collection, transporting an expensive watch, holstering a pocket knife for your adventures out into the wild, this sleek and lightweight bit of kit from Dango is designed just for you.

Streamline Your Look

When carrying your EDC chances are you want to free up your pockets a bit and with the Dango CA02 Carry All Lite, you can do exactly that. This clever bit of kit allows you to slim down your pockets, organise and protect your gear and lets you transport more stuff without feeling weighed down. Carry your favourite watches, pens, knives, jewellery, tools, tech and other small EDC gear just got a whole lot easier courtesy of this no-nonsense accessory from the guys at Dango.

The Dango CA02 Carry All Lite ($39) is crafted from water resistant DTEX material and secured by the MT01 Clasp & slot, which means the CA02 delivers comfort and a robust, adventure-ready performance that won’t let you down wherever your travels take you. The CA02 is equipped with two inner pockets, one large pocket and one small velcro pocket for micro carry. Last but not least, it has a large through slot in the back that allows the pouch to also function as a holster for belts and straps.

The CA02 also includes the MT01 Clasp Multi-Tool that has been purpose built to be highly functional, discreet and removable which makes it a decidedly versatile addition to your EDC lineup. The MT01 includes a bottle opener, 1/4″ hex tool, a chisel edge, key hole, flat head, Phillips screwdriver and a strap slot. For anyone serious about their EDC that wants to carry it in style, this Dango CA02 Carry All Lite is a no brainer and it is great value for money at just $39.

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