Marshall Motif A.N.C Wireless Earphones

We’re big fans of the design aesthetic of the audio apparatus from the guys at Marshall and they’ve really excelled themselves with their latest release – the small but perfectly formed, Motif A.N.C Wireless Earphones. Priced at $199, these stealthy looking earphones will enhance your listening pleasure this fall and are chock full of first-class characteristics that helps to set them apart from the competition – especially considering their affordable price tag.

The Marshall Motif A.N.C Wireless Earphones ($199) will effortlessly amplify your audio while shutting down the noise around you with active noise cancellation to make sure you can concentrate on enjoying your favourite playlists without being distracted by the world around you. Carry the big stage in your pocket with 20 total hours of wireless playtime and the robust, portable charging case that makes these earphones from Marshall one of the coolest looking and most versatile on the market right now.

Sounds Good

These wireless earbuds deliver big on their promise of thunderous sound in a neat package and you’ll be blown away by their powerful performance when you pop them in for the first time. Enjoy amplified audio in a sealed-fit design that is made for all-day listening. When you want to shut down the noise around you and truly enjoy your music without distraction, Motif A.N.C. from Marshall has got your back. Set your own level of active noise cancellation and Transparency for a truly personal listening experience.

The Marshal Motif A.N.C Wireless Earphones ($199) boast the biggest sound in the smallest package and they really deliver on their promise of packing an audio punch. These true wireless headphones know that your music is everything, and that’s why their design puts it front and centre of everything that it does. Each earbud holds 4.5 hours of wireless playtime with full A.N.C. and the portable charging case provides 20 total hours of playtime on a single charge. 

Motif A.N.C. is straightforward but innovative in its impressive design. Intuitive touch-sensitive earbuds make it more straightforward than ever for you to interact with your music and calls, and in-built dual microphones guarantee that your voice is heard. These ace looking earphones deliver the same Marshall sound in a design that is both robust and streamlined. These headphones are the definition of rugged, with IPX5-rated earbuds and an IPX4-rated scratch-proof pocket-sized charging case, so you can carry it around with you and keep the music going.

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