Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet

It goes without saying that the wallet is a fundamental piece of any man’s EDC line up and finding the right one for you isn’t always an easy undertaking. If you favour no nonsense, highly functional accessories, Dango have got something that will be right up your street in the shape of their newly launched and excellent looking M1 Maverick Rail Wallet. This superb bit of gear from one of our favourite accessories brands here at Coolector HQ takes its design inspiration from open identification badges and IDs, meaning this wallet delivers style and function in the most minimal manner.

Priced at a mighty reasonable $109, the Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is available in both Satin Silver and Jet Black colourways so you can pick the one that best fits in with your existing EDC line up. Billed as a different breed of Dango product and unique from any other wallet in the market, it’s easy to see why excitement is high around this release amongst EDC fans. It is made of 60/61 aerospace grade aluminium which is both robust and lightweight and it is machined to perfection.

Made in the USA

Each Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is crafted in the USA to exacting standards to ensure it delivers the sort of performance you’d demand from an accessory that you use day in, day out. This cracking piece of EDC from Dango has two sides to it: namely an RFID protected side as well as an RFID exposed side. On one end, The M1 Maverick chassis has a traditional Dango cavity encapsulated by a metal backplate for RFID protection so it will help keep all your details safe and secure as you make your way through the city.

The Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet ($109) boasts a grippy silicone band which hugs the frame and holds cash and additional cards in place and adds an extra layer of security to proceedings. On the other end, it’s unique frontal design and patent pending quick release rail mechanism allows not only easy access to cards, but also a way to easily scan without having to take them out each time.

With a design which is extremely useful for displaying identification, badges or accessing secured buildings and public transportation, there are a lot of men who will be falling for the design charms of the M1 Maverick as we speak. It offers an array of first class features to set it apart from the competition which includes the lightweight all metal, patent pending rail system and the fact it can hold up to 9 cards (and more cards behind the band if required).

Simple Sliding Action

It’s never a good thing if your cards are effortlessly simple to get from your wallet and this is an area in which the Maverick M1 Rail Wallet from Dango excels. You can load and unload cards with a simple slide action and also identify yourself with a protective card case that radiates sleekness and functionality. This is the perfect wallet for any man who regularly needs to display their ID but also wants a great looking and top performing piece of EDC at the same time.

The Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is great value at just $109 and one of the most hard-wearing and durable wallets on the market that will form a pivotal part of your everyday carry line up for many years to come. If you’re in the market for a new wallet and want something that will take no prisoners, store all the cards you’ve ever likely to need and boast a striking design, look no further than the M1 Maverick.

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