Expedition Motor Co 1992 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf

There are an awful lot of classic cars out there ripe for restoration but of the ones we wanted to see here at Coolector HQ, the 1992 Mercedes Benz 250GD was high amongst them and the workshop of Expedition Motor Co have done a superb job with this Wolf iteration in a striking Mojave silver colour way. Boasting a beastly aesthetic and unparalleled performance out on the open road, it’s easy to see why people are so eager to get their hands on this majestic looking steed.

The Expedition Motor Co 1992 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf is a fine example of the restoration talents of the workshop and we’re big fans of the stunning attention to detail that has gone into the build. Popularly known as the G – Wagen, the Geländewagen has become famed over the last forty years for its celebrated boxy styling and unbeatable performance thanks to vehicle development in the world’s most unforgiving terrains such as the Arctic Circle and Sahara Desert. Expedition Motor Company pays homage to 40 years of the G-Wagen by introducing a new restoration series of Wolf trucks that is turning heads aplenty.

Amazing Performance

Famously dubbed the “Wolf” by the German military, the new Expedition Motor Company builds stand out courtesy of fold-down windshields and a 2-door convertible/cabriolet soft – top body configuration. It’s the goal of Expedition Motor Company to do one thing – namely, to flawlessly restore and reimagine the convertible G-Wagen. Other than the Unimog, no other vehicle has enjoyed a more successful run in Daimler’s history, and this first class workshop is commemorating 40 years of the G-Wagen with a new series of Wolf restorations.

The Expedition Motor Co 1992 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf features a military robustness and timeless design, but the best part is the fact that these trucks are so versatile in their performance. Put simply, an Expedition Motor Company build can go anywhere you can think of more or less and they take no prisoners regardless of the terrain. A Wolf can easily tackle the world’s harshest conditions but looks just as sharp at a vacation home cruising the beach or on an alpine mountain road.

Monikered the Silver Wolf, Expedition Motor Company’s first restoration in the series is a breathtaking 1992 Mojave Silver 250GD. As with each restoration, Expedition Motor Company spends more than 1,000 hours hand restoring and significantly improving each machine that they are working on. Depending on customer preferences, the detailed restoration process can take anywhere between 12-16 weeks upgrading and improving each truck to the amazing finished product you see before you.

Power & Precision

This particular 1992 Wolf features an OM602 2.5L in-line, five diesel engine, which is a legendarily, no-nonsense powerplant. Expedition Motor Company completely cleans and rebuilds the stout engine block with new pistons, seals, timing belt, water pump, and other components to ensure the performance of their vehicles can’t be beaten. The radiator is re-cored to function in like new condition and you’ll be blown away by what a smooth and powerful performance this Wolf offers.

The most unique element of design with the Wolf is the truck’s distinct cabrio body. As with the frame, Expedition Motor Company have taken the tub and panels down to bare metal, then delves into restoring the body prior to corrosion-proofing and painting. This top class workshop has a stunning palette of colours available for the Wolf restorations ranging from beautiful original factory colours and other new shades such as Mojave Silver.

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