Dango R-SPEC Edition Wallets

Every man has got a different mindset when it comes to their EDC line up and the sort of wallet that should form the foundation of that collection. If, like us, here at Coolector HQ you want a wallet that is no-nonsense in nature and has the sort of versatile performance today’s contemporary man will demand, these Dango R-SPEC Edition Wallets are sure to be ticking plenty of the right boxes for sure.

The Dango R-SPEC Edition Wallets range in price from $99 to $129 and they boast the sort of stealthy, stylish aesthetic that we love here at The Coolector. Dango are synonymous with well made, functional wares and this is particularly true of their first class wallets. These R-SPEC Edition Wallets are heavily influenced by the world of motorsport and luxury cars and this makes them all the more appealing to those men with a love of living life in the fast lane.

Coolness in their DNA

Dango are one of our go-to brands here at Coolector HQ when it comes to top class wallets and accessories and it’s because of releases like these R-SPEC Edition Wallets that they’re so well regarded by men the world over. A common theme which flows through the DNA at Dango and sets the pace for an accelerated design direction is a love of all things motorsport. They wanted to craft something that embodies innovative design, elegance and top quality performance and they’ve hit the nail on the head with the R-SPEC.

Dango are always looking to expand their brand into a faster and more fierce approach to everyday carry products and it’s releases like the Dango R-SPEC Edition Wallets (from $99) which helps them to achieve this objective. Taking their aesthetic inspiration from the fruits of the automotive industry, Dango have developed a very special line of wallets with the R-SPEC Edition. It doesn’t just incorporate clean lines with contrasting elements and textures, but also delivers the finest materials on the market which define high performance. 

Everywhere you look with the R-SPEC Edition Wallets from Dango there are some mighty impressive design feature which includes carbon fibre, aerospace grade 6061 aluminium, resilient high-gloss prismatic powder-coated finishes and bolted top grain leather with accented stitching all combine to give an impression of a plush cockpit. All the different R-SPEC wallets come equipped with a silicone wallet band with its ability to grip and handle content with flexibility and versatility.

Delicious Design Details

As with all the releases from Dango, there is a real attention to the little details with the R-SPEC Edition which helps to set it apart from the competition. Some of the stand out elements of the design include multiple anchor points for tethering, RFID blocking, keeps your information secure and a robust, carbon fibre back plate.

Each Dango R-SPEC Edition Wallet is made in the USA and is an extremely lightweight 3 ounces so it won’t weigh you down as part of your EDC line up. These wallets are TSA compliant and with prices starting at as little as $99, you’re getting a mighty accomplished wallet for an extremely affordable price. What’s not to like.

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