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Finding the right grooming products to add to your travel dopp kit and your day to day grooming routine isn’t always easy but, let’s face it, when you find a brand that offers the sort of wares that matches your sensibilities, you’re likely to stick with that brand for life. Well, chances are from the first time you try out the first class grooming goods from Australian brand, Modern Pirate, you’ll not look back and wonder where their pomades, shower gels and beard oils have been all your life.

Modern Pirate take their inspiration from Australian barbering, tattoo and surf cultures and the people who surround them. Modern Pirate aim to encapsulate a free and straightforward approach to individual style and expression through high quality Australian made haircare and lifestyle products and we’re definitely fans of the aesthetic of their branding and the quality of their products here at The Coolector.

Check out some of the best bits from Modern Pirate below:

Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade – $28.95

This excellent Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade ($28.95) is naturally enhanced with Pomegranate Seed Extract and Vitamin E for scalp and hair health. Flexibility and hold strength can be effortlessly changed by the amount of water in your hair and can also be reactivated and re-styled with a small amount of water throughout the day. For lighter textured separation you can just use a small amount of pomade on damp hair. Stronger tighter holds can be achieved using a generous amount on dry hair. ($28.95)

Modern Pirate Premium Shampoo Combo – $44.95

We love the branding of Modern Pirate here at The Coolector and you can really soak that in here. The Modern Pirate Premium Shampoo Combo ($44.95) comes with premium White Pearl Shampoo, Signature Enamel Mug and an Official Dealer Draw String Bag. Wake up in the morning and give your hair an invigorating wake up call with this magnificent shampoo before giving your brain a jolt with a delicious cup of coffee in this uber stylish enamel mug. The perfect start to any day. ($44.95)

Modern Pirate Activated Charcoal Soap – $13.95

Modern Pirate “Trouble Thy Waters”Activated Charcoal Soap ($13.95) is naturally formulated with coconut husk charcoal that gives a mighty refreshing performance each time you lather up. Activated charcoal has a very high carbon content and porous surface and is well known for its ability to cleanse and absorb impurities. It has been at the epicentre of Asian purification and wellbeing routines for hundreds of years which is testament to its capabilities. Combined with the moisturising benefits of natural oils it delivers a robust, masculine detoxifying cleanse. Suited to normal or oily skin, this will become a mainstay of any man’s grooming regimen in 2020. ($13.95)

Modern Pirate Canvas Wash Bag – $29.95

If you’ve got your hands on some of the ace grooming goods from Modern Pirate, you’re going to need somewhere to store them all and this cracking Modern Pirate Canvas Wash Bag ($29.95) ticks all of the right boxes in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Measuring 23x12cm, this is the ideal way to keep all your hair grooming or shaving gear in order. The canvas and zipper are very robust and hard-wearing and able to withstand the rigours of everyday use. It effortlessly fits all your favourite hair and grooming products and does so in some considerable style. Great for your bathroom shelf or short trips away. ($29.95)

Croft x Modern Pirate Boots – $239.95

Whilst not strictly grooming products, of course, these Croft x Modern Pirate Boots ($239.95) are just too good to ignore in our opinion here at The Coolector. These eye-catching and devilishly dapper boots are going to add a touch of class to your spring and summer wardrobe rotation and they are a limited edition offering so move quickly if you’ve liked what you’ve seen. These Croft x Modern Pirate Boots are a collaboration between CROFT Shoes founder Paul La Rosa and Modern Pirate founder Kent Mulligan. “The Fraser” boot was developed to represent the best of both brands. Each pair is made to fit the barber lifestyle and delivers the ultimate in comfort, style, and quality. ($239.95)

Modern Pirate Black Pearl Bodywash – $24.95

Great smelling with an unbeatable cleansing performance, what’s not to like about this Black Pearl Body Wash from Modern Pirate ($24.95)? Modern Pirate’s next level concentrated hydrating body wash comes with a delightful and classic Bay Rum fragrance which has been cleverly enhanced with aloe vera gel and sea-buckthorn extract for a gentle soothing cleanse. Foamy lather with only a few drops, this body wash will have you staying sharp and smelling fresh all day long. ($24.95)

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