Dani Ridge House

The California coastline is one of the most mesmerising stretches of road anywhere out there and having a property nestled on one of the best gorgeous spots is a real pipe dream of ours at Coolector HQ. Fitting the bill perfectly for this desire is the extraordinary looking and expertly designed Dani Ridge House by Carmel based architects, Studio Schicketanz.

Dani Ridge House is built right into the Californian hillside and adds to the aesthetic of the site as well as delivering incredible views out onto the ocean which are so good that you’ll never want to drag yourself away from them. We’re big advocates of innovative and thoughtful architecture here at Coolector HQ and the Dani Ridge House certainly fits the bill with the sleek, elegant design components coming together to deliver a breathtaking and highly welcoming abode.

Good Vibrations

There’s something about living so close to the sea that is deeply alluring to our sensibilities at The Coolector and the Dani Ridge House is about as good as it gets in this regard. Spectacularly located and every element of its design carefully considered, this magnificent construct from Studio Schicketanz is built into a deep coastland shelf, and is a single-family home which joins together a variety of textures and design notions such as heavy steel, perfectly-oriented wood beams, hand-installed rock walls and expansive glass to make the most of the amazing views.

With the Pacific Ocean an omnipresent part of the property, it’s hard not to be left in a state of awe when entering the glorious looking Dani Ridge House from Studio Schicketanz. This first class piece of architecture is positioned to to make the most of both the stunning Pacific ocean views and a feeling of shelter from being built into the hillside, the house operates at the interstice between building and landscape, comfort and precipice.

It’s the views of the Pacific that really bring this property to life and we’re left mesmerised by the clever little design touches which have been deployed throughout the interior and exterior of this spectacular structure. With a dedication to preserving the existing grassland, Studio Schicketanz buried all of the house’s extensive utilities underground, a thoughtful and conscientious approach to this exceptionally ecologically valuable residence.

California Dreaming

America’s West Coast is a stunning part of the world and properties don’t come much more well made and eye-catching as the Dani Ridge House from Studio Schicketanz. If you love minimalist interiors and breathtaking coastal views, you’ll be in your absolute element with this out of this world piece of architecture.

Studio Schicketanz have created some amazing homes up and down the Californian coastline but the Dani Ridge House is their real stand out design in our opinion here at The Coolector. Fitting in perfectly with its surroundings and offering such a wonderful home for the lucky owners and we can’t wait to see what else this talented team of architects has up their sleeve for 2018.

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