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Finding a good pair of speakers for your home can be a thankless task sometimes and not always straightforward but occasionally the solution comes from the most unexpected of places such as these highly unusual but extremely eye-catching Cinder Speakers from industrial designer, Daniel Ballou.

As the name suggests, the Cinder Speakers are principally constructed from a pair of repurposed cinder blocks and through the use of cleverly placed acoustics, deliver a mighty impressive sound quality to go along with their striking visual appeal.

Solid Foundations

Needless to say these Cinder Speakers from Daniel Ballou are a little more robust than your average set and though they definitely deliver in the quirkiness stakes, they also look very much as though they provide a high calibre of performance as well. Designed and crafted in conjunction with Dashdot, the Cinder Speakers have transformed the humble cinder block into a high fidelity speaker that will fit in wonderfully well with any modern, understated design aesthetic.

The Cinder Speakers deliver their impressive audio performance based upon the fact that concrete is a low resonance material that significantly reduces vibrations and lowers coloration of pure sound delivered by the drivers. It goes without saying that these speakers are heavier than the average given their concrete core material but if you want a set of audio speakers that stand out from the crowd, you’ll find few better.

Robust in the extreme and suitably stylish for any home, these Cinder Speakers have left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and whilst they are not commercially available to purchase, plans are afoot to remedy this with the idea being to supply the technology to the consumer who purchases their own cinder blocks (extremely cheap from hardware stores) to assemble the speakers themselves.

Sounds Good

Clearly you wouldn’t want to have a set of speakers that only look great and unusual, they need to provide the sound quality as well and the Cinder Speakers from Daniel Ballou achieve this through having a pre-wired front panel, including a 5” driver, tweeter, crossover, and input jack. On the back panel you will find the mounting hardware that spans the cinderblock and seals the enclosure to deliver the excellent sound quality.

So, if you’re in the market for a Flintstones-esque set of speakers for your home in 2017 and you’re up for a spot of self-assembly then this superb piece of industrial design from Daniel Ballou may well be just the thing that you’ve been waiting for.

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