Lattis Ellipse Bike Lock

If you’re serious about your cycling, chances are you’ve got a pretty expensive bike and, if so, you’re going to want the peace of mind that it’s still going to be there when you return to it after locking it up for the day. Such is the ease with which many of today’s bike locks can be compromised, the time has come to ramp things up a notch in the security stakes. In short, you need to be protecting your bike with one of these fantastic looking Lattis Ellipse Bike Locks.

The Ellipse Bike Lock fro Lattis is probably just about as technologically advanced and robust as bike security comes today and you’ll be left in no doubt your bicycle is in safe hands if you leave one of these excellent devices looking after it. There is an awful lot to the Ellipse but in essence it is a smarter bike lock that connects to your smartphone to provide keyless entry, theft detection, crash alerts and much more besides.

Peace of Mind

Bike security is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns for any cycling enthusiasts and whether you’re bike cost and arm and leg or has sentimental value, it’s always good for your peace of mind to know it’s well looked after in your absence and that’s why these Ellipse Bike Locks from Lattis are already beginning to prove incredibly popular.

There are three core elements to how the Ellipse Bike Lock operates – Security, Smartness and Social – and in essence this boils down to the fact it will send you an alert when your bike is being tampered with, does away with the need for keys for locks and has the social element of inviting your friends to pick up and use your bike if they want or need to.

Needless to say robustness and security is the most important component of any bike lock and the Ellipse doesn’t disappoint here. It boasts 17mm thick steel which delivers comprehensive bike security from would-be thieves. It has two locking mechanisms, one on each side, and this means any potential thief would need to cut through it twice in order to break it. And, finally, the Ellipse Bike Lock has bank-level encryption which will stop even the most determined hackers from forcing their way in.

Safe & Secure

The Ellipse Bike Lock from Lattis has all sorts of cool features that elevate far beyond the traditional bike lock such as keyless entry (it locks and unlocks with a tap of your phone or, if you prefer, you can set it unlock automatically as you approach) and it has a built in solar-panel for self charging which will keep it charged during the day and make sure that the battery doesn’t run out.

For anyone out there who is looking to significantly improve upon their bike security in 2017 and have been on the hunt for the technology to deliver this, you can call off the search because you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for with the Ellipse Bike Lock. Smart, robust and technologically superior, this will deliver the ultimate peace of mind about the safety of your bike.

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