Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

As a fellow who invariably rides his bicycle whilst drunk and seldom strays from the pavement, it is always eye-opening to see those at the other end of the bike riding spectrum and the complete antithesis of our own bicycling talents here at Coolector HQ is a chap by the name of Danny Macaskill who has just unveiled a jaw-dropping video called The Ridge which was filmed on Scotland’s breath-taking Isle of Skye and really showcases this daredevils extraordinary control of his two-wheeled steed and his unparalleled capacity to make a mockery of even the most unruly of rocks.

As the superb video above, which was crafted by Cut Media, admirably illustrates, Macaskill really does have a skill unlike any other and has a mind-boggling ability to stay upright even when all conventional wisdom (not to mention gravitational laws of physics) seem to dictate that he should crash and burn. Whilst Macaskill is undoubtedly the star turn in this video, a best-supporting actor nod has to go to the Isle of Skye itself which looks haunting and other worldly throughout the fantastically shot video.

Tackling lakes, jagged rocks and the narrowest of paths with the largest of drops is all in a day’s work for Danny Macaskill who works professionally as a streets trial pro rider for Inspired Bicycles but it is exceptional feats of skill like those showcased in The Ridge that really bring this talented chap into everyone’s purview and there is no shortage of beautifully shot and nerve jangling moments in this truly engaging and adrenaline soaked video.

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