ForwardX Ovis AI Powered Follow Suitcase

It is noticeable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in the products that we buy today and it is certainly becoming particularly integral to the world of luggage with fantastic creations like this ForwardX Ovis AI Powered Follow Suitcase which is funding over on Indiegogo as we speak. If you’re after a suitcase that will intrinsically follow you as you make your way through the terminal, then read on.

The ForwardX Ovis AI Powered Follow Suitcase is TSA approved and suitable for use on all airlines. The AI technology built into the suitcase is responsible for it being able to follow you closely but it also has plenty of other awesome tech features such as a built-in power bank that will make it ideally suited to the tech obsessed travellers out there. With pricing of $399 during their Indiegogo campaign, which is 55% off the expected retail price, now is the time to get your hands on one of these brilliant pieces of tech centric luggage.

Innovative Technology

Billed as the world’s first vision-powered, side follow suitcase, the ForwardX Ovis delivers a truly hands-free and worry-free travel experience which has been carefully tailored for travelers with contemporary conveniences. This highly intuitive design integrates groundbreaking proprietary computer vision technology, Visual Simultaneous Location And Mapping (VSLAM), alongside artificial neural network algorithms which have been devised by ForwardX, so that it can follow autonomously side-by-side of you.

The ForwardX Ovis AI Powered Follow Suitcase is so impressive because it actually understands what it sees and reacts accordingly. Using a a series of complex algorithms, ForwardX have created an AI with the ability to not only “see” as we do, but also comprehend what it is seeing. The side follow technology is much more sophisticated than following from behind because of the requirement of prediction algorithms. These state of the art algorithms means it will effortlessly stay by your side at all times so you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder just to see your luggage all the time.

With a removable battery, which helps makes this case TSA approved, the ForwardX Ovis AI Powered Follow Suitcase lets you take the battery out with one simple press of a button whilst you go through security and then put it back it in place when you’re in the departures lounge. With plenty of interior storage space, this suitcase isn’t all about the technology but is also a thoroughly functional and versatile solution for all your travelling adventures.

Robust & Lightweight

As with any piece of luggage nowadays, it is important to have a robust and durable performance and the ForwardX Ovis AI Powered Follow Suitcase certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department. It is waterproof and uses carbon fibre on the wheel edges to provide that extra level of protection and aesthetic appeal. The powerbank will let you keep your tech charged on the go and overcomes one of the biggest annoyances of airports in the shape of all the charging points typically being occupied throughout the concourse.

Tech orientated but not at the expense of offering all the storage you’ll need for your travels, this fantastic piece of luggage from ForwardX is the best of both worlds and its no surprise to us here at Coolector HQ to see it taking Indiegogo by storm. With 55% off the retail price during the campaign, there is no better time to get your hands on this piece of artificial intelligence luggage for the ultimate in travelling companions.

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