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Coffee is a considerable weakness of ours here at The Coolector but, truth be told, we don’t experiment with it nearly as much as we should so, latterly, we have been on the lookout for coffee related awesomeness to whet our palates with in 2014 and one of the best looking we’ve come across recently is these brilliantly branded Dave’s Coffee Syrups which we’re dying to sample.

Dave’s Coffee is a Rhode Island based purveyor of coffee based deliciousness and their syrups are one of their many wares to have caught our eye at Coolector HQ. A family based business, the brilliant array of coffee based goods from Dave’s aim to keep everything as close to their base as possible and they buy all their coffees when they are in peak season and they are roasted by members of their community.

The awesome looking Dave’s Coffee Syrups have certainly piqued our curiosity, however, and they come in a variety of flavours to suit every taste. If, like us, you’re wanting to expand your coffee horizons this year, products like Dave’s Coffee Syrups will be a step in the right direction for sure and their branding alone was enough to win us over at The Coolector.



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Our dependence on coffee is plain to see here at The Coolector and we’re ready to step up our caffeine imbibing endeavours another notch with this supremely spiffing Dave’s Coffee Syrups and, you’ll likely be glad to hear, this Rhode Island coffee creator also boasts all manner of equally brilliant accessories that boast the company’s superb branding so be sure to check them out too.

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