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Following on from the considerable success of the Triwa Smartwatch concept that we featured a few weeks back, are attention has definitely been more firmly focused on the Swedish brand that it perhaps otherwise would and we’re rather glad we were keeping our beady eye on them because they’ve just released a mightily impressive series of timepieces that goes by the name of Triwa Sort of Black Gold Watches and we here at Coolector HQ are mightily impressed indeed.

The Triwa Sort of Black Gold collection of watches is a collaboration between the Swedish watchmakers and Rasmus Storm and they are definitely a striking and well-crafted series of timepieces that are right up our street here at The Coolector. The breathtakingly simple yet brutally attractive series of watches is available in 4 different iterations which are essentials slight variations upon one another but each of the subtle nuances makes a big difference to the aesthetics of the watch.

Available in both chronograph and non-chronograph versions, the Triwa Sort of Black Gold watches cover all the bases and we’re firm fans here at The Coolector. You can check out why we’ve been left so impressed by this collection from the Swedish watchmakers below:

Sort-of-Black-Gold_04 (1)

triwa box



Triwa have a burgeoning reputation in the world of horology and it is courtesy of fantastic series of watches like their new Sort of Black Gold collection. If you’re after an affordable and striking watch that ticks all of your style boxes, this rather spiffing number might just be the one for you – it’s certainly left us impressed here at Coolector HQ.

There are some great specifications that make these great watches stand out from the crowd including gold mesh or real leather straps (each watch comes with both straps and the requisite tool for changing them) and this increased level of variety is a definite plus in our book. We’re big fans of Triwa and their first rate watches and this latest series is one of their best to date for sure.

Price: £215+

Available: Triwa

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