Daydream Supply Co Spring 16

Like most men, we’ve got our favourite apparel brands here at Coolector HQ and, it is invariably the case, that said brands will have typography at their core and that’s why we’re always loving the work of UK menswear brand, Daydream Supply Co and their latest Spring 16 collection is, as we would have expected, really rather awesome.

Daydream Supply Co are, as mentioned, heavily influenced by typography and illustration and these are both characteristics that make them stand out to us at The Coolector. Their latest collection, entitled Cheap Thrills, is more of the same from a design point of view but it’s hard to improve upon what is already a top notch collection of apparel.

For any men in the market for some new T-shirts, sweaters and accessories over the next few months, the Cheap Thrills collection from Daydream Supply Co will tick a lot of the right boxes. You can see it in action with a few more shots below:


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unnamed (2)

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Simple but brutally effective, the illustration inspired tees and apparel from Daydream Supply Co will always leave us impressed at Coolector HQ and their Cheap Thrills series for Spring 16 is undoubtedly one of their best to date. As the months get warmer, we’re inevitably turning our attention to T-shirts once again and Daydream Supply Co have planted themselves firmly on our radar again with another stellar collection of men’s apparel.

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