Hans Jenssen Star Wars Illustrations

It’s fair to say that our love of Star Wars is always bubbling away under the surface here at Coolector HQ even when we forget to post about its awesomeness in a week or two but whenever we come across something as jaw-dropping as Hans Jenssen’s Star Wars Illustrations, it really is impossible not to love the franchise even more than we already do.

We’ve featured more than our fair share of Star Wars illustrations here on the pages of The Coolector but what sets Jenssen’s apart is the fact it goes into impeccable detail on the wide array of vehicles that you encounter within the Star Wars universe with his striking series of meticulously detailed cross-section illustrations.

All the major vehicles come under the Jenssen treatment such as the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, Y-wings, Imperial AT-AT and Tie Fighters to name but a few and if you appreciate the Star Wars galaxy as much as us at The Coolector then you’re definitely going to love all of this talented chaps’ work. Take a look at a few of our favourites below:

Y-Wing Fighter

Advanced TIE X-1

Millennium Falcon

Tantive IV Blockade Runner

Imperial AT-AT

Death Star

Shuttle art lo res

B-Wing lo res

Luke's Landspeeder

Owen's Speeder Bike.jpg copy.jp

Boasting a mighty impressive attention to detail, it is abundantly clear that Jenssen has a love of the Star Wars galaxy far exceeding our own here at Coolector HQ and we can’t wait to see this talented chap throw his illustrative talents at the rest of the vehicles that we’re sure to encounter in the next raft of Star Wars movies.

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