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Watches come in all shapes, sizes and styles and there is a definite trend towards smartwatches in the last few years but for those of us that like to be shepherds not sheep and don’t want to follow the Apple Watch crowd, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Well, if you want an accessory which admirably balances the fine line between a smartwatch and a more traditional looking timepiece then you need look no further than the thoroughly impressive What? Watch.

The What? Watch is basically your day to day calendar on your wrist and the brand aim to create unique and innovative timepieces for extraordinary people who don’t settle for the everyday. Visually speaking, What? Watch looks much like an understated and traditional style watch on the face of things but it’s not to you dig a little deeper that its inherent smartness is revealed and you’ll find yourself wanting one of these cracking accessories on your wrist in 2018.

Fix Up, Look Smart

Unlike you everyday smartwatch which is typically overflowing with superfluous and unnecessary bells and whistles, the What? Watch focuses on delivering an attractive timepiece alongside a genuinely functional and useful performance. Available in a number of different styles to suit your own design tastes, these technologically impressive accessories have certainly turned our heads here at Coolector HQ.

The beauty of the What? Watch lies in its clever technology beating away within. This infinitely clever bit of kit is a reimagining of traditional watchmaking endeavours and is a combination of Scandinavian design meeting Swiss engineering. These first class timepieces boast clean aesthetic lines and unparalleled Swiss craftsmanship which ensures that the accessory on your wrist both looks the part and delivers the performance you will demand of it.

No corners are cut in the creation of the What? Watch with high quality materials used throughout its construction. These highly impressive and visually engaging timepieces are hand made from Italian leather, high grade stainless steel and mineral hardened glass to deliver a robust finish which is essential because you’re going to want to wear this smartwatch day in, day out. It is the Calendar Watch that really impresses with its capacity to allow you to see the composition of your daily activities (and your free time) in a pie chart style layout right on the watch face, which is activated with a double tap to the casing.

Technological Superiority

It’s extremely easy to transfer all your calendar events to your What? Watch via the app that you download when you receive your timepiece. This clever bit of kit will import all your events from a digital calendar and give you a comprehensive overview of what you’ve got planned that day and which parts of the day you’ve got free – having this functionality is something that will be extremely useful who spend a lot of their time on the go and in meetings.

For a smartwatch that functions exceptionally as both a conventional looking timepiece but also provides the sort of technological add-ons we all crave today, you’ll find it difficult to top the What? Watch. Impeccably crafted from top of the range materials, these striking accessories look set to become one of the must have smartwatches of 2018 and beyond and certainly get two thumbs up from us at Coolector HQ.

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