Deep Sentinel Security System

For those who take their home security seriously (which should be everyone truth be told), you’re going to want to ensure that you’ve got the best device in the business keeping an eye on your property. Well, the Jeff Bezos backed Deep Sentinel Security System might just be that and the wonderfully innovative and intuitive nature of this design really does help to set it apart from the competition and make it an essential addition to your home security line up.

The Deep Sentinel Security System is billed as a next generation security device that is so advanced that it can help to prevent crime before its even happened. This wonderfully advanced piece of technology is powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence, comes equipped with HD cameras and is manned by 24/7 LiveSentinel™ security guards to give you that added peace of mind that your home is properly protected and secure.

Safety First

Offering a new standard in home protection, it’s hard not to be impressed with the capabilities of the Deep Sentinel Security System which will proactively protect your home to prevent burglary, package theft or driveway break-ins to make sure that you always feel safe in your own home. With 24/7 human monitoring, real time intervention, 100% verified police intervention and 10 second threat identification and intervention, the Deep Sentinel Security System is head and shoulders above the competition and will give you considerable peace of mind about the safety of your home.

The Deep Sentinel Security System has 1080p HD cameras built in that offer crystal clear clarity and infrared LED technology that provides unparalleled night vision detection. The device goes from standby to wakeup and record in less than 250 milliseconds so it will always capture any action going on around your property. In addition it has a 130° field of view to make sure there are no blind-spots of coverage to worry about and the longest battery life of any security device with it lasting up to 9 months on a single charge.

Each Deep Sentinel Security System comes with its own Intelligent Hub which is the driving force behind the high quality performance of the security device and it has 64GB of flash storage to make sure your video is kept in the event that you need it. Billed as the only security system with a built-in processor, the Deep Sentinel has a SnapDragon 820 SoC processor that is capable of processing video at 10 frames per second and the AI of the device makes sure its only recording when you need it which ensures there isn’t hours of wasted and useless footage each day.

First Class Surveillance

It is the 24/7 human surveillance that really helps to set the Deep Sentinel Security System apart which will have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your front yard. Using multilayers of deterrence: 2-way speakers, strobing lights and the loudest siren, Deep Sentinel’s surveillance agents take proactive steps to deter home burglaries and package thefts. Smart HD cameras create a virtual perimeter around the property of your home. Coupled with Artificial-Intelligence, they can distinguish between a potential intruder and a car, dog or other non-threats.

The police have been calling for security systems of the calibre of Deep Sentinel for years now and it has been made in consultation with 50+ police departments to create a comprehensive system. Other security systems alert you or the police only after a break-in has occurred but Deep Sentinel is proactive – with zero false alarms and verified crime in progress, police are quick to respond.

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