Drive Watch

When it comes to watchmaking, there are typically all sorts of inspirations that will inform the design and in the case of this concept timepiece that goes by the name of the Drive Watch, it is vintage automobiles and they’re undeniably appealing aesthetics.

The Drive Watch is a piece of concept design from London based industrial designer, Gus Petrikas, who has superbly captured the essence of classic cars, in particular their speedometers, and transported it into a watch that looks quite unlike anything else on the market.

This cracking piece of design is aimed at car enthusiasts and designed by one and the theory behind its aesthetic is that there is no time to take your hands off the wheel when driving so the watch face is angled directly at you so you can tell the time whilst driving. Thoroughly impressive design coupled with a great source of inspiration, there is plenty to appeal with the Drive Watch and you can check out a few more shots below:









Though it is currently just in the concept phase, the Drive watch from Petrikas is definitely the sort of accessory that has every chance of making it to market as there is a love of automobile inspired wristwatches amongst the horology fraternity and there are few more geared towards this market than this fantastic looking piece.

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