Budnitz Model No. 3 Bicycle

For those in the market for a new bike in 2019, it goes without saying that you’ll not be short of brands to choose from but if you’re after nothing but the best, Budnitz need to be sitting front and central in your train of thought. One of their finest steeds is undoubtedly the Budnitz Model No.3 Bicycle and for those with a love of an industrial look and feel, this one will definitely be ticking all of the right boxes.

The Budnitz Model No.3 Bicycle is one of their most popular rides to date and boasts impeccable design and materials which combine together to ensure a performance that is unparalleled. This cracking contraption far surpasses the majority of city bikes on the market both in terms of aesthetics and performance and has a price tag that showcases this fact with most configurations of the Model No.3 bike hovering around the $2-4k mark.

Sensational Style & Performance

Budnitz are a brand that are well renowned for the quality of their creations and Model No.3 is one of their most impressive to date. This superbly designed and engineered contraption is billed as the world’s best go-anywhere, do-anything bicycle for fast and fun everyday riding. It comes with big 29-inch wheels (accommodating tires up to 2.35-inches), a long wheelbase and aggressive geometry, which means it offers versatility never seen before in a city bicycle. You can jump curbs, cut corners, and tear through gravel alleyways. Or add knobby tires and hit the wilderness back routes.

The Budnitz Model No.3 Bicycle has a high quality frame that underpins its performance and the 4130 CroMoly steel frame is designed and engineered for impeccable lateral stiffness. It comes with a striking aesthetic and the fram is custom drawn and butted then tig welded by hand, with the signature Budnitz FlyLite™ cantilever geometry frames flex in just the right places to absorb the shock of rough pavement and dirt roads, while translating your pedal strokes into power.

Model No.3 comes equipped with the Shimano Alfine 11-speed internally geared hub which is widely recognised as one of the best on the market. It has a 409% gear range which will tackle the steepest hills with a much more effortless performance than you might expect. Gates Carbon Drive is smooth, virtually silent, and lasts twice as long as a traditional chain. It never derails and eliminates messy grease so your Model No.3 Bike will always stay looking its best.

Made For Adventure

Though undoubtedly an expensive bicycle, the Model No.3 from Budnitz delivers the sort of performance, eye-catching visuals and first class components that you’d demand from a bike at this price point. Great to look at and even better to ride, the Model No.3 is equally as adept at tackling urban landscapes as it is at heading out into the great outdoors in search of off-roading adventures.

Budnitz continue to release fantastic bicycles into the world and their Model No.3 is certainly one of their most stylish and top performing ones to date. Put together from the finest components and crafted with considerable care and attention, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more impressive steed than this one if you’re looking for a new bike in 2019.

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