Deeptime Spirula Speakers

Whilst speakers have one primary purpose – namely, to deliver good audio performance – this doesn’t mean to say that they can’t look great whilst doing it and that’s something that the guys at Deeptime have clearly taken to heart as their Spirula Speakers are some of the most aesthetically superior on the market right now. Billed as being the perfect shape for sound delivery, these are world’s first speakers that have been 3D printed from sand and it is a limited edition release of just 1618 sets so move fast if you want to bag a set.

Priced at €640, the Spirula Speakers from Deeptime don’t come cheap but chances are you won’t see many that are as visually arresting as these on the market elsewhere and it is an investment worth making in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. They are are passive satellite speakers with a versatile 3″ range driver which has been designed for minimum distortion and high accuracy and you’ll find it hard not to be impressed by the calibre of audio they are capable of delivering.

Intuitive Design

The Spirula speakers have an intuitive design and do not require an additional speaker stand to perform at an optimum level. When placed next to your computer, laptop or TV screen, the angled speakers are designed to aim directly at your ears and ensure you hear your favourite tunes exactly as the musicians intended. Taken their design inspiration from nature, Deeptime have used the most advanced design software and have integrated a smartly selected speaker driver with an outstanding performance into an acoustically optimised single piece spiral cabinet 3D printed from truly natural material – the silica sand.

Boasting a quality driver, the Deeptime Spirula Speakers (€640) deliver an impeccable audio performance that needs to be heard to be believed. Driven by a 3” full-range driver with a bamboo fibre paper cone, structured Santoprene surround, and a robust and powerful underslung motor, these first class speakers don’t mess around when it comes to sound quality. The driver delivers impressive response from 75 to 20,000 Hz with very low distortion.

The ergonomic design of these speakers has been chosen to ensure it hits the sweet spot so far as audio performance is concerned. They are designed at an ergonomically calculated angle which is chosen to aim directly at your ears. Whether placing the speakers on your desk or TV table, you are already sitting in the sweet spot experiencing the optimal enjoyment of the speaker configuration.

Sand Into Sound

Using sand as the chief material in the Spirula Speakers is a bold move by Deeptime but one that really pays off from an aesthetic and performance perspective. They have developed a brand new composite material which offers a pioneering design solution. The freshly printed silica sand cores are porous and brittle to begin with but once treated with Deeptime’s bespoke hardener the shells turn into an air-tight and acoustic form and ensure an unparalleled audio performance.

The Spirula Speakers from Deeptime also come with premium cables which are manufactured from a twisted pair – silicon insulated wires covered in a braided sleeve. Each terminated with a 4 mm banana plug. The conductor is made from very fine, oxygen-free, pure copper strands giving the cable excellent flexibility. These speakers don’t come cheap perhaps but they are going to turn heads aplenty and deliver a performance beyond compare. Two thumbs up from us at Coolector HQ.

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