Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket

We’ve featured the bonkers apparel of Vollebak a few times here on the pages of The Coolector and it never ceases to amaze us the lengths that they go to push the boundaries of outerwear design and their latest offering, the Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket, is designed with missions to Mars in mind, which should tell you all your need to know about it.

The Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket has a price tag of £695 which, needless to say, is a pretty big outlay on a piece of outerwear but when you start to consider the nature of the materials used in its crafting, it starts to make sense. It has been built to help you sleep anywhere on Earth or in outer-space and the Deep Sleep Cocoon is a self-contained microhabitat that’s billed as a cross between a cocoon and a spacesuit and we’re loving it here at Coolector HQ.

Life on Mars

However advanced we become, the human body needs rest and sleep in order to function at a high level, and this will become even more critical as we travel off our planet and this is a problem the Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket aims to overcome. Vollebak turned to nature to design a microhabitat for a human being – mimicking adaptable and protective structures like the exoskeleton of a woodlouse and the cocoons spun by moths and caterpillars.

Designed for physical and psychological comfort in inhospitable places, the Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket from Vollebak (£695) strips out light like an isolation tank, has space for noise cancelling headphones, lessens your exposure to unnecessary stimulus, and while you can see out, no-one can see in which makes sleep all the more easy to come by. The most striking feature of this jacket comes from the fact the hood will fully fold over your head like a space helmet. It is made five different segments which can fold down and over your face when you need to rest or sleep. While the hood is soft, it keeps its shape to provide space around your face. The hood fastens with four sets of magnets which are built into the material and simply snap into place.

Functioning like a normal jacket when you need it to, the Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon has a visor which can be clipped back and away inside the hood. The collar can be left open with the visor down and you can also undo the side snappers so that hood and visor fold away entirely. But its adaptable engineering helps you transition fast when you want to turn the lights out.

Material Matters

Crafted from top of the range Swiss materials to help ensure you can sleep anywhere, the Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon is one mighty impressive piece of outerwear. It is crafted from an advanced three-layer fabric designed and built in Switzerland. The outer layer is incredibly abrasion resistant. The middle layer has a waterproof and windproof membrane. And the layer next to your skin is a soft nylon. It means that while we’re waiting for the first flights to Mars, it can cope with harsh training conditions here on Earth – from sleeping on the rocky floors of lava caves and sparse Arctic stations, to trucks and planes in transit.

The Deep Sleep Cocoon from Vollebak comes with five pockets and there are two side pockets on the outside of the jacket, one internal pocket, and two hidden pockets, one on the left chest and one just to the right of the front zip so you’ll have more than enough space to store plenty of essentials. The two-way front zipper lets you undo the jacket from the top and the bottom at the same time, allowing you to decide just how cocooned you want to be. This isn’t your average jacket and, if we head into space in your lifetime, it will be the jacket you want to take with you.

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