DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable

There has been an undeniable vinyl revolution over the last few years and more and more brands are throwing their hats into the ring to deliver the ultimate in record listening awesomeness and this fantastic looking DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable is one of the coolest looking we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ. This cracking vinyl device is a high-performance full analog turntable that boasts impeccable quality and design without compromises. Each one is engineered, developed and manufactured in Italy.

The DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable has a very interesting design aesthetic that expertly combines analog audio with 3D printing technology to create an unusual and top performing device that will make the most of your vinyl record collection. This excellent looking piece of tech from Italian brand DEFOSS is the brainchild of Italian architect Luca Chieregato and Chilean industrial designer Josefina Troncoso, it was their shared passion for music that was the catalyst for this eye-catching creation.

Innovative Design

If you’ve got an extensive collection of vinyl and you’re on the hunt for an affordable, well-made and innovative record player, this DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable is going to tick plenty of the right boxes. It boasts an innovative, anti-vibrational CNC milled plinth and 3D-printed tonearm which consists of just three different sections. Each unit has been designed and crafted in Verona in Italy and there are a number of different iterations to choose from and they are designed to appeal to varying levels of entry-level audiophile specifications.

The DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable is available in three different versions – namely, the Logigram One Black/White, Logigram One Premium, and Logigram One Ultimate – and each one has its own merits that will appeal to different types of music fan. The first two have a slim 30mm plinth, with the all-wood Premium model standing above the more affordable wood fibre crafted Black/White editions of the turntable. Last but not least, the Ultimate model showcases their most impressive creation, with a bigger build credited to the turntable’s more robust 60mm composite anti-vibration plinth, which works alongside the top performing Ortofon 2M Blue MM cartridge.

With a philosophy of creating a product with unparalleled quality which is not just accessible to the average vinyl fan, but also one that is able to provide a completely analog listening premium experience, DEFOSS have created a great looking and top performing vinyl device that is sure to win over fans of contemporary design. It makes the most of 3D printing technology to create a striking vinyl player that stands out from the crowd.

Excellent Audio

Boasting a fantastic audio experience, the DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable has a belt drive with 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM manual speeds, alongside synchronous motor in suspension with an o-ring and all these elements combine to help ensure a top quality performance each and every time. The design stands out as a result of the removal of some material from the plynth to obtain an empty space, which is then replaced by an anti vibrational system/technology for a compelling performance.

For anyone in the market for a new vinyl solution this year, the DEFOSS Logigram™ Turntable is sure to appeal and we’re loving how they’ve integrated 3D printing into the finished product here at Coolector HQ. This use of 3D printing allowed them to to manifacture a single piece tonearm – from the cartridge platform to counterweight stub – so it can be optimally shaped and formed to provide a totally even mechanical response.

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