VanMoof Electrified Bikes

It’s unfortunately the case that bicycles are one of the main targets for would be thieves out there so any creation that aims to battle this scourge is OK in our book here at Coolector HQ. Enter these brilliant looking Electrified Bikes from Dutch design studio, VanMoof, which have been tailor made with security in mind and will do everything in their power to make sure that they will stay safe and secure until your return.

The VanMoof Electrified Bikes come in two different models – the Electrified X2 and Electrified S2 – and they are billed as the future of electric bikes courtesy of their unparalleled security capabilities, striking design aesthetic and overall performance out on the roads. These amazing machines come in Fog White and Thunder Grey colourways and their stealthy aesthetic is definitely right up our street here at The Coolector.

Electric Performance

High security is the call of the day with these wonderfully well conceived and crafted Electrified Bikes from VanMoof. They make the lofty claim that these bikes are impossible to ride or sell on if they have been stolen and this is something that will give you plenty of peace of mind if you invest in one of these stellar looking steeds. They make this claim courtesy of the “stealth locking” technology that activates with a kick, rider-recognition technology which will automatically unlock the bike upon your approach and an alarm system which activates if any sort of tampering is detected. These eye-catching security features will do away with the need for a conventional bike lock.

The VanMoof Electrified Bikes don’t just rely upon their first rate security components on the bikes themselves because, if a thief is able to bypass them somehow, they also offer a so-called Bike Hunters service – an opt-in offering – which will immediately get to work tracking down the stolen bicycle based on the location information they can access for it. Designed upon the principle of making the bicycle pointless to steal (insomuch as it won’t work if you do), these VanMoof Electrified Bikes have caught the attention of the cycling world and we’re loving the clever notion behind the design here at The Coolector.

Chock full of mighty impressive features such as a Turbo Boost accelerator button, which VanMoof recommends for steep inclines or for setting off from traffic lights, these amazing machines are already beginning to take the electric bike world by storm and are being snapped up in their droves – understandably so. The motor and battery of the VanMoof Electrified Bikes are both concealed within the frame, part of one unit that is removable and replaceable, and this gives them a sleek, understated and sophisticated aesthetic which is sure to appeal to fans of minimalism.

Unparalleled Excellence

The Intelligent Motor of these Electrified Bikes from VanMoof gives you a smarter power control which delivers you more range than ever before. In addition, you’ll find a stunning matrix display which consists of 166 LEDs which will literally light up the frame for an engaging and interactive riding experience. The Stealth Lock is activated with a single kick and your bike is instantly secured to deliver exceptional peace of mind.

With prices starting at £2400 for early bird investors (regular pricing of £3200), it goes without saying that this is far from a cheap investment but you get what you pay for in terms of quality and with innovative security features that you just won’t find elsewhere, it really isn’t difficult to see why these magnificent looking electric bikes from VanMoof are proving so incredibly popular.

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