With the new next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft surely not too far away now, there is still time to turn one’s attention back towards the retro classics where it all began and the POLYMEGA Console looks to be one of the best options for those looking for some vintage gaming awesomeness. A nostalgic masterclass, this cracking console is a modular entertainment system that will change the way you enjoy your favourite retro videogames.

The POLYMEGA Console will elevate the processes of playing retro videogames to a whole new level and boasts a highly innovative, modular Cartridge-Compatible Element, Disc Game-Compatible Optical Disc Drive, and online connectivity features to deliver the very best in living-room worthy classic gaming excellence. If you want the most versatile retro gaming experience on the market, the POLYMEGA might just be it.

Versatile Modular Design 

You’ll be impressed with the abundance of gaming options that present themselves with the POLYMEGA Console which arrive courtesy of the Element Modules which are compatible with real retro game cartridges for you’ve favourite old-school gaming consoles like NES, optical disc drive compatible with CD games for systems like PS1, and offer a level of connectivity that rivals current gen consoles –  meaning the one console future might be closer than you think.

The objective of the POLYMEGA Console is to tackle a problem the brand see within the industry in the shape of enjoying classic games on anything other than original hardware is often chock full with problems and limitations and before long most will find the need to revert back to a decades-old game console in order to play without compromises. But this needn’t be the case and the POLYMEGA Console aims to prove this fact.

The POLYMEGA™ overcomes this problem wonderfully well by delivering a contemporary, unified platform for digital retro gaming which is also dedicated to unprecedented modular support for original console game media and hardware peripherals. The fact that it boasts a mighty cool looking aesthetic certainly doesn’t hurt either. Each POLYMEGA™ Console comes with an on-board CD/DVD optical drive, custom produced by partner Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS) to support the needs and features of retro game consoles.

Impressive Tech

Offering full HD 1080p gaming, the POLYMEGA Console really does impress visually and the crystal clear pixels are a pleasure to view for most players, those who prefer the older look of older TV’s from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will definitely be a fan of a suite of virtual displays which model the look, feel, geometry and tone of these classic displays from the golden age of gaming in the 1980s and 90s.

The POLYMEGA Console also has a new patent-pending technology called Hybrid Emulation, which allows for the direct hardware reading of specialized chips and mappers contained within historically difficult-to-emulate retro game cartridges. What this means in practice is that gamers get full hardware compatibility with every game in their classic games library, and unparalleled performance as well. Win, win.

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