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We’ve got fairly eclectic fashion tastes here at Coolector HQ but it’s also fair to say that we’ve got a pretty good understanding of what it is we like and great-looking printed tees are definitely something that has long appealed to our style sensibilities. For this reason, then, you won’t be surprised to learn that the fantastic motorcycle inspired wares from Deus Ex Machina are well and truly up our street and, if you’re equally as enamoured with top notch tees, they’ll definitely be up yours too.

Deus Ex Machina are an Australian based brand who first came into public consciousness back in 2006 when they released some superbly customised motorcycles and those in the motorbiking fraternity certainly sat up and took notice. Well, fast forward a few years and they are now a fully-fledged brand that offers all manner of excellent wares which includes apparel, accessories and, of course, a stellar range of customised motorcycles.

We’re firm fans of the understated style of the apparel from Deus Ex Machina (which extends beyond tees but, as always, it was these that first caught our eye) and the lifestyle of the brand undoubtedly appeals with their love of all things outdoors and hitting the unexplored trails. If you’re in the market for some rather excellent apparel in the near future and want to drape your frame in some smashing motorcycle based awesomeness, taking a gander at the digital shelves of Deus Ex Machina will certainly be be a good place to start.

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