Dexter The Complete Series Collection

Dexter The Complete Series

With the exceptional Dexter saga now drawing to it inevitably dramatic conclusion, my attention has certainly begun  to turn to where I will be getting my Dexter fix from when the gold-hearted serial killer files his last blood slide.

Well, safe to say, I’m beginning to clear space on the bookshelf (which is filled with DVDs ironically) for this ultimate must-have for any Dexter aficionado – this Dexter: The Complete Series Collection. This top-notch box set contains all eight series on 25 discs and comes replete with an Art of Dexter book and bonus disc, filled with unseen features and various awesome stuff. I think the actual container for the DVDs is the most impressive feature of this collection and it’s a knowing nod to the series and the perfect closing chapter for those who are prepared to put their Dexter obsession to bed but don’t want the charismatic killer too far away.

This ultimate collection is, if you’ll excuse the painfully poor pun, to die for and will set you back around $400 when it is released on the 5th of November.

Dexter Boxset

You can pre-order this fantastic Dexter boxset online on Amazon.

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