Dick Pearce Bellyboards

Now that the lockdown regulations are starting to be relaxed a little and going back to the beach is now started to be back on the agenda, we’ll all be looking for things to keep us entertained out in the water. For a great time in the sea, you’ll be hard pressed to beat these awesome looking Dick Pearce Bellyboards which have been handmade in the UK surf capital of Cornwall and boast a pleasing laid back vibe in their visuals.

Dick Pearce have a simple mission – namely, to share their passion for surfing as it was meant to be: without the fuss, with all the fun. In their workshop in Newquay, Dick Pearce handcraft their superb looking bellyboards by utilising methods and designs which have been passed down to them by the original British maker and will provide an unparalleled performance out on the waves.

Classic Vibes

These traditional, attractively shaped wooden bellyboards allow you to rediscover the heritage of surfing; stripping it back to basics and the timeless, unadulterated thrill of being in the ocean and riding its waves. Each Dick Pearce Bellyboard has been designed for the whole family to enjoy, and lovingly crafted to last a lifetime. They hope you’ll pass your board on to the next generation, just like theirs were passed down to them.

With prices starting at as little as £65 for these brilliant Dick Pearce Bellyboards, it’s a small price to pay for such a fun time in the waves. Each one of the Dick Pearce bellyboard is entirely unique with an individual nose bend. Each of the templates and designs have been passed down through the generations and bought to you, a new generation of bellyboarders. The old school cool aesthetics of these boards are right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure they’ll resonate with the seasoned surfer as well.

On the boards that have been artwork, the board graphics are hand screen printed with the original DPF wooden screens and hardwearing inks. Each bellyboard has been handcrafted to exacting standards in the Dick Pearce & Friends workshop in Newquay, Cornwall. For those who want to enjoy time in the waves this summer (at a socially acceptable distance of course), these bellyboards will definitely more than fit the bill in our opinion.

Top Class Materials

Each one of the Dick Pearce Bellyboards is made with the highest quality, sustainably sourced 9mm birch plywood. They use the best quality ply wood available to make sure of the maximum life and fun out of each board. Plywood is a very low carbon and sustainable product and, if properly looked after, these brilliant bellyboards will last a lifetime.

If you want to hit the waves this summer but want something a little easier than surfing, bellyboarding is the pursuit for you and one of these awesome offerings from Dick Pearce should be your steed of choice for taming the waves. With prices starting at just £65, you’ll be able to make a lifetime of ocean-based memories without breaking the bank.

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