Nisnas Industries Whisky Echo Tango Decanter

Now that summer is here, we’re firmly thinking about days in the backyard or out in the wild enjoying our favourite tipples here at Coolector HQ and, as such, our thoughts are firmly on the sorts of receptacles we’ll be using to port around our craft beer and spirits. This leads us nicely onto the rather extraordinary looking and devilishly dapper Whisky Echo Tango Decanter from the guys at Nisnas Industries.

If you love a bargain, make sure you read on because by signing up for notifications about their impending Kickstarter launch, you can bag yourself 40% off the final intended retail price of the Nisnas Whisky Echo Tango Decanter. A bargain not to be missed. The Kickstarter campaign is launching in the first week of June and by signing up now, you’ll make a massive saving. This classy looking decanter will work magic on your favourite spirits and will age your whisky with propitiatory oak sphere packs, which are infused with hints of oak.

Enjoy Your Spirits in Style

Style and classiness are the order of the day with these supremely cool and versatile Nisnas Whisky Echo Tango Decanter soon to launch on Kickstarter. It will serve as a stunning piece at the centre of your spirits collection that holds your absolute finest tipples. Now imagine a decanter with an array of hidden features which lets you experiment with your cocktail creations, adding oak tones and spice to any Whisky, Tequila, Rum or Vodka.

The Nisnas Whisky Echo Tango Decanter has a hidden detachable base the houses with an infusion chamber in it.  In it you can place 5 custom oak spheres that infuse the spirits with oak tones. This is the adventurous side of the W.E.T. with a hidden feature that only exists in this decanter, it is the first of its kind and makes it all the more appealing in our book here at The Coolector.

Essentially two decanters in one, the Whisky Echo Tango Decanter is basically like a tea infusion set as it houses five oak infusion spheres in an infusion chamber at the bottom of the decanter, which is hidden in such a way that it is part of the silhouette of the decanter and is only visible once actually removed. With the infusion chamber removed it is a spectacular decanter and a conversation piece for any whisky enthusiast’s collection of drinkware.

Breathtaking Bargain

The chance to get your hands on this aesthetically superior decanter for 40% off the final retail price is a chance too good to be missed in our opinion here at Coolector HQ so make sure you sign up for the Nisnas notifications to be alerted when you can get your discount. It allows you to experiment with spirits or, if you don’t want to use the infusion chamber than it still remains an absolutely stunning classy decanter by itself.

We love classy drinkware here at Coolector HQ and, quite frankly, it doesn’t come much classier than this Nisnas Whisky Echo Tango Decanter. They have tested this brilliant decanter thoroughly and it performs flawlessly. The oak spheres delivers an oaky tone that is understated but noticeable and if charred or spiced, the spheres offer a supremely unique experience unlike any other. Head on over to the Nisnas site now to sign up for your 40% discount.

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