A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic

Let’s face it, there’s few films that men have their fingers crossed more for in the Christmas movie line up than that of Die Hard. Whilst it might not be your traditional festive, feel-good fare, it is a holiday classic in our opinion and that’s why we’re hoping to see A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic under our tree this year – especially if the movie doesn’t make it into the Christmas movie rotation.

Die Hard is a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and chances are we’ll actively seek it out at Christmas because it just isn’t Christmas without seeing Hans Gruber plummeting from the Nakatomi Tower. This awesome looking A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic is a book that is the brainchild of the wonderfully monikered, Doogie Horner who authored the book, and illustrator JJ Harrison who was responsible for the top notch recreations of Bruce Willis et al in illustrative form.

Yippee Ki-Yay

We’re loving the first class illustrations in this A Die Hard Christmas Book here at Coolector HQ and for any fan of the movie franchise looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, this has to be right up there with the best of them. A real classic film with so many quotable lines, Die Hard is ideally suited to projects like this and if you want the best coffee table book out there, you’ll want to get your hands on this epic tome ASAP.

The Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic Book is a story-tellers dream and whilst it might not make the best bedtime reading for children, you’ll definitely appreciate its action and top notch illustrations. It boasts all the machine guns, European terrorists, and, of course, the surly, disgruntled cop who’s forced to rely on all his cunning and skills (and the help of a fellow officer) to avert disaster and save his wife.

With an illustrative style that is based upon the Night Before Christmas poem, the look and feel of this cracking book will be instantly recognisable and will evoke memories of your favourite Die Hard moments. As big fans of the franchise here at Coolector HQ, this book is inevitably very much to our liking but we’re sure that even moderate fans of John Maclane will be impressed with the illustrations and witty commentary.

Reimagined Homage

Die Hard has countless fans the world over and it’s not surprising to see lovers of the movie – such as Horner and Harrison – showcasing their love of the movie in such a creative way. If you eagerly await the run up to Christmas because you know it’s a pretty safe bet Die Hard will be on, you can get a jump on proceedings this year by getting your hands on this hilarious looking book.

Even if you’re not as obsessed with Die Hard as us, this book has something for everyone and the plot of the movie lends itself perfectly to a book like this. Brilliantly illustrated and narrated, this excellent looking book is sure to be finding itself in the stocking of many a Die Hard loving man this Christmas.

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